what is a good mom-bag?

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  1. mom's in town for my graduation ceremony..

    would like to get her a bag..

    she likes totes..

    suggestions? thanks!
  2. Maybe the Neverfull or the Batignolles?
  3. Do you think she'd like the BH? That's my pick. :smile:
  4. BH or Neverfull.

    If your mom feels more comfortable with a zippered top then Cabbas Piano/Mezzo or Saleya.
  5. BH, Alma or Lockit.
  6. If she like totes I think she would really like the Bh. It has a cell holder and it's not so wide that it feels uncomfortable under the arm. I am looking longingly at mine that I can't use till my shoulder heals. It really is nice a great bag.
  7. BH or Neverfull!
  8. i think she likes something with a zipper..
  9. Hmmm I think she'd like a BH. My mom loves the BH and really wants one. I think mom's for the most part like medium sized bags with zippers (at least mine does lol). Maybe the Illovo? (the bigger one).
  10. with zipper: saleya (pm, mm, gm), cabas piano, cabas mezzo, popincourt haut
  11. zipaa...um...tote...heeeeee....must it be lv??? the only thing that comes to mind is a cabas..piano or mezoo.

    WARNING!!!!!!! this is a non-lv recommendation!!!!!!!you have been warned!!!!!!!

    how about a longchamp les pliages? i have three, and i lurve them :o9
  12. ^^^^ Great suggestions Kaye!!!!!

    Mine would be:
    Popincourt Haut
    Cabas Mezzo
    Antigua Cabas MM
  13. Neverfull PM, popincourt haut, B or BH(if she likes a bigger bag)
  14. Popincourt haut is a nice bag!
  15. If your Mum is as picky as mine, she might not like the Popincourt haut because the end of the zip hangs out...

    The Azur Saleya is a beautiful bag!