What is a good Hermes collection??

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  1. What is your ultimate (and realizable) collection? Do you have your collection of H bags almost completed or not?
    With the gorgeous proliferation of croc bags recently it has me thinking what makes my ultimate collection. Or what more do I want/need? Do I want a croc? Will one croc be enough? Birkin, kelly, lindy, bolide or what? Do I want more colored bags?
    Give me some idea of what you are collection and what your thoughts are about your collection.
  2. hey Sus.

    I have (will list in order of me buying)
    35cm raisin togo birkin with PHW
    32cm black chevre kelly with PHW
    30cm brighton blue birkin clemance PHW
    36cm HAC in vache natural with PHW
    Orange swift massai
    35cm rouge garance birkin in clemance with GHW

    I am full. I feel my large handbag purchases are DONE.

    Yes, I would love to own a black box kelly in a size I can't decide, I would love a 35cm kelly.....and a bolide....maybe a 32cm HAC.

    But I know i don't need it or that I don't have room for it in my collection.

    I am very happy with what I have......maybe far away from now....I might want a Kelly pochette...or a bolide...but I dont have an immediate desire.

    Ideally, it would be nice to use what I have 2-4 years...before I think of another bag.
  3. a good collection is the one that makes you happy no matter how many or what etc.

    i am happy with what i have looking forward for my last po/so to arrive and currently looking for something box from resellers then i am done for now

    will it stop then? maybe maybe not. i do trust hermès to come up with fabulous things in the future that maybe make my heart sing .
    as long as all other things in my life are in perfect order i will continue to buy frivolous things that make me happy.i do not limit myself and actually have no boundaries when it comes to collecting.
  4. I think a good collection is one where no bag sits on the shelf unused for too long a time! And where every bag brings you joy and makes you feel special. I have only two H bags, and if I never get another one, I can call myself content. Yet I take pleasure in watching for the perfect "next" bag, and hoping fate will be with me so I can get it.
  5. Fun questions! And one I've been mulling over lately as I examine my closet. I think I am almost there and may have some duplicates to pare down.

    What is your ultimate (and realizable) collection?

    For me personally, I am drawn to Hermes colors and gravitate towards the vibrant ones. An ideal H-collection for me has:

    • Kellys in black, red and/or one in Croc, one in Ostrich in a fun color
    • Birkin or HAC in black, gold, red, and one fun color
    • At least one shoulder bag: Trim II 35cm and/or Lindy
    • a Garden Party tote for casual days and errands
    • Bolide in Mou or structured leather depending on desired use.
    • An evening bag or clutch: for me, a 25 lizard Birkin or Kelly in black would be ideal

    Do you have your collection of H bags almost completed or not?

    Almost, just a few exotics down the road and I'm set.

    Or what more do I want/need?
    Miel croc Kelly, Violine ostrich Kelly, 30cm Black Togo Birkin w/PH, a 35cm Kelly for daily use, a 25cm Kelly or Birkin in Black lizard. And of course, any gorgeous Chevre pieces I see. Hmm....maybe I'm not quite as close to done as I thought.
  6. Great thread Sus!

    I am of the same mind as Lilach, a good Hermes collection is one that makes you happy......makes you sing, adds a little joy to your outfit or even makes the whole outfit!

    I thought one birkin would be enough and anything else out of my price range years ago.....but i scrimped and managed and traded and investigated and looked high and low for what i wanted...sometimes had to let what i wanted go or had to pass on it.....and now i have most of what i want and still learning what is is I do want...now i know how much i love exotics and i never though i would have them other than 1 croc maybe...but after my croc birkin i will be done with buying new croc except for maybe a croc kelly longue or croc jige or beige rose croc kelly or poudre croc birkin...oh let's face it i'm a croc obsessed nut! lol.
  7. I am very happy with the bags I have now and don't want/need to add anything else. I currently have the following:

    32cm Gold Togo Kelly Souple
    37cm Rouge H Clemence Bolide
    MM Picotin Rouge H Clemence
    PM Garden Party Rouge Imperial
    Gold Togo Christine (currently with my mom)

    I live in a small town and have a very casual lifestyle so the bags I have a perfect for me. I would love to have a bag in black box leather but I don't know what style would be most useful so I continue to wait, probably forever. I see a lot of bags that are really pretty but I don't want to have too much. I am trying to clear the clutter from my life and keep/buy only things I know will get a lot of use. (I hope I did not offend anyone with this statement, this is just for me personally.)
  8. :tup:

    Wise words, I think all members have such a varied background and budgets

    Moi I have my favourite vintage black box calf that I totally adore

    And I did have my ostrich Kellly ( now called Miss Bubbly)
    as she got totally destroyed in my recent flooding

    I also have my black box jige along with a few scarves belts wallet etc

    Personally I have a dilema coming along that i must ask advice from the members here, with reference to Miss Bubbly.

    I am happy with what I have , I have no desire for a birkin I just like my kellys

  9. Totally of subject but I have been meaning to ask you
    is that a lovley Parson Jack Russel Terrier in your pic??
    looks so cute
    little terror ;)
  10. Sus, I feel the same about the croc bags, they are calling me loudly and its all because of tPF!

    I am not sure where the finishing line is for me, but I have gone from 0 bags to 3 this year and (for me) I feel like I have gone a bit too fast too quick. I now have the famous H patience and when I do buy again it will be after a lot of thought and research and I will be happy to wait.

    in order of purchase.....

    Brighton Blue clemence 35cm Birkin
    Havanne swift Kelly longue
    Rouge Vif 32cm HAC

    They all still make me smile!
  11. Great thread.
    I totally agree that the best collection is a collection of bags that are used!

    I live a casual rural life, I am trying to collect in a way that fits my budget, lifestyle, and also really represents the brand, including a good selection of leathers and colors and traditional styles.

    Small leather goods give me the opportunity to enjoy the colors in a variety that I would not be able to afford in bags, so I really try to have a nice variety of leathers and colors in the small goods.

    In bags, I have
    Barenia Indigo Evelyne
    Rouge H 31 bolide

    I will be adding a Kelly soon, one that will fit in with the casual life I lead.

    Hoping to add
    Wintage sellier kelly in Black Box with GH or brass if it is that age
    A particular whitebus that is very elusive. But I often go to meetings where I tote my laptop and papers, and I would just love to tote them in a whitebus!

    A 36 barenia Hac will round out the useful bags collection nicely.

    Then I would add a hot hot hot little clutch or JPG kelly or mini-kelly...
    and maybe a Victoria II that I could rotate in between the shoulder bags for fun, in raisin, vert anis, chartreuse, or one of the new colors next year....

    Luckily, I love the cow and thus more croc and ostrich for you lovely ladies!!!

  12. ITA :tup:

    I would love to have a bag for every occasion, whether it be formal or casual. My ideal collection would be...

    35cm Birkin (done!)
    30cm Birkin
    32cm Kelly
    32cm HAC
    Massai PM (also done!)
    Kelly Pochette

    And maybe one day, a 28cm Kelly or 30cm Birkin in an exotic skin. Oh, and of course, lots of accessories!
  13. WONDERFUL thread......

    I'm pretty satisfied with my collection now that I've honed it down and have just those bags that I absolutely adore and use all the time. I think that's the key.....bags that are used and loved are the backbone of any good collection, IMO.
  14. Hi, ardneish, thank you for noticing - do you have one, too? Yes indeed, she is a rescued rough-coat Jack Russel Terror that has terrorized her way into the hearts of my whole family. She is the most fun and smart dog I have ever had. She's also very religious, she worships tennis balls. When we first got her, somebody told us that a JRT will make you laugh once a day. What an understatement!

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    And I keep BOTH my H handbags on a very high shelf when not in use because of her!
  15. Thanks everyone for your responses.

    I agree Lilach and Haute Couturess that a great collection is one that makes you happy. What is that for you all - a lot of bags or a few select special ones??

    Lvrjrt you said it so well that we should only keep those bags that actually get used. I am beginning to think that for my scarves, key rings & cadenas.

    Thanks Guccigal, Orchids, Dianagrace, Eliselady, Cobaltblu & Christina for your specifics -- it's fun to see what exactly others have or want/dream for. Sometimes it helps reshape my views on my choices.

    Ardneish ~ a flood destroyed your ostrich kelly-- how awful, I do hope that Hermes can do something to bring it back to life. And I agree with you that "collection" is a relative term depending on budgets and desires. One black box kelly can make a perfect collection! It is fun to see what everyone thinks would make an ultimate collection for them and what they had and determined did not work for their collection.

    S'Mom ~ how long did it take for you to find your perfect collection and how many "mistakes" did you purchase??