Scarves What is a good H scarf/shawl collection? How many do you have?

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  1. OK, now that I've set my 3 bag limit, I'm trying to figure out a scarf limit. Is this even possible? How many scarves would be a "reasonable" number for daily wear? How many shawls? How many do you have and how often do you wear them?

    Edited to add: on second thought, I realized that setting a scarf limit will probably be impossible with gorgeous new H designs every season!
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  2. While I do have a bag limit, I would never limit the amount of scarves I could own. I just love them so much and wear one everyday. I have:

    13 90cm
    11 Pochettes
    6 Twillys
    4 70cm
    1 Cashmere Shawl
    3 Plisse

    In addition to my Hermes collection, I have two drawers full of scarves from other designers. My current collection should satisfy me for the rest of my life but I will probably add at least 1 more cashmere shawl and another Hermes scarf this year. I am addicted.
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  3. No way would I ever set a scarf limit! There are always new designs, reissues in new colorways, new fabrics (the vintage-style 70s) ... sigh. They are an investment, a work of art. They allow me to dress in a rather boring uniform (cashmere sweater and pants/jeans for A/W; T-shirts and capris or skirts in S/S) without it looking like the same old few items in rotation.

    I love H bags, but with their price tag, they are still very "precious" for me. I admire them but I still feel like the whole bag world is at a bit of a distance for me. The scarves, on the other hand, are like dear friends. I know the stories about where I bought it, when, where I've worn them. I know I'll always have a wish list, no matter how many I buy. And while they aren't cheap, they're a semi-affordable way to add genuine luxury (as opposed to, say, something expensive yet terribly trendy) to your life. I dream that my daughters (and then granddaughters) love them, ask to borrow them and will even fight over them when I'm gone.
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  4. Scarf limit........:shocked:.........:lol:
  5. Ditto for me. . . . :shame:
  6. For me, a good scarf collection is when you have a scarf to match every H bag you own (or other designer bags too).
  7. No limit!
    i will grow old with my existing scarfs, and add as & when there is something that I like.... as & when I still have $ to pay for it.

    maybe when i grow older, i have lesser $, but I still have wonderful collection of scarves!!!
  8. Rose:roflmfao: Once you opened Pandora Box of Hermes scarves...:wtf:
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  9. I think it is possible to set a limit, but this may come with time, finding out what works for you and perhaps reaching a saturation point. I recently sold several scarves that just weren't getting any wear in an effort to pare down. The price increases have also been a factor in setting limits. I've been collecting Hermes scarves for almost 20 years, and I feel that I have enough at this point. My Hermes scarf collection currently numbers 43 -- a relatively modest amount -- plus three from other designers. All of them are 90 cm carrés, except for one 70 cm anniversary scarf. I don't have any Hermes shawls, but I do have two from YSL that I bought many years ago.

    I wear scarves almost every day in fall, winter and spring. Of course, there are some designs and colorways I reach for more often than others, and I have my absolute favorites. This is probably true for most scarf lovers/collectors.
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  10. Currently, I have 5 scarves. Sold a few because I decided that they did not suit me after all. Although I do not have as many scarves as others, I feel that my collection is near complete. I may acquire one or two more, but shall definitely be in a fine-tuning mode. That is, whatever I buy will have to be replaced by existing ones. Out of the 5 that I have, I can see only one that I am willing to give up.

    As for shawls, I have a total of five, all aquired within a year. I guess I have no discipline or control as far as shawls are concerned. They are simply too gorgeous. I guess the difference between shawls and scarves is that you can see the entire pattern when you wear a shawl as opposed to the ends for a scarve.
  11. As long as you keep wearing them or find a way to accessorise them, I don't think there's a limit as to how many you should own.

    I currently own:

    3 Twillies
    1 Carrè
    1 Pointu
    1 Gavroche
    1 Losange

    The losange would have to be my favourite. :heart:
  12. Oh I'm so glad to hear that several of you have no limit on the number of scarves you'll allow yourself to own. I currently have 10 carres and 1 plisse and and was worried about having to many! Banish the thought!

    I too think of my scarves as a way to add interest to what is otherwise a failry basic wardrobe but most importantly as wearable works of art. Just knowing that I'm wearing something so beautiful lifts my spirits.:tender:
  13. I don't have a total limit, but I try to limit myself each season. No more than 5 pieces
  14. I think a number depends on your lifestyle. I don't work (just part-time, self-employed as an interior designer), so I don't wear a scarf everyday. If I did, or if I had a big "ladies-who-lunch" social life, I might have more. Right now, I have 5 90cm carres, 1 plisse, 1 66cm cashmere/wool and two big cashmere/silk shawls. I would love to someday have one more shawl, as I'm finding it so very useful. As for the 90cm carres, I probably have one more than I need - I find I don't choose it very often. If I ever find another print I simply cannot survive without (and I don't look at the scarves online very often as they're ALL lovely!), then I will part with one. I don't like owning things I rarely wear (except for after-five clothing and jewelry - one simply has to have it).
  15. I only have one H carré, and I think that maybe I could add a couple more, maybe in the vintage silk 70*70 cm size. I also want at least one 140*140 silk/ cashmere one. I'm not a big scarf person, but love to wear them occasionally (plus there are some great tying techniques I've seen here and want to try and thus maybe become more of a scarfie) and also just admire the prints.