What is a good gift for a 15 year old girl?

  1. My husband and I are invited to a quinceanera. The girl's family comes from a modest family and they are throwing her a big party for her 15th birthday. What do you suggest we get her? My husband suggested we get her a purse like a Tokidoki or a Coach. I think I have him well trained :yes: .

    Which do you think is better? I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
  2. I think that Coach is a great starter purse for a teenager. They have some really cute stylish bags to spark her interest. They are moderatly priced and good quality. I see a lot of young girls walking around with Juicy Couture bags. I think alot of their style suit teenagers with the colorful patterns. It depends on her style. Overall, I think Coach would be your best bet. You dont want to get her hooked on all the high priced designer bags too young! :smile: Good luck!
  3. Tokidoki is a good idea for teenager girl. I am pretty sure she will like it.
  4. Maybe you should try to find out what her taste is like, while lots of girls like Tokidoki, it isn't everybody's cup of tea, Coach is more classic, I'd go with that if you don't know much about the girl:smile:
  5. i personally would love tokidoki more when i was 15. but that was a long time ago.
    some 15 girls already choose a more classic and mature things from coach than tokidoki.

    i agree wiht some responses, u should dig more info about the girl's taste.
  6. I would give her an LV, but perhaps smaller item than you had in mind at first.
  7. Tokidoki is a good idea for teenager girl.
    I agree!
  8. Either would be a great choice -- I am sure you will know which is best, depending on her style of dressing.
  9. Lots of teens carry Coach. That would be a really nice gift.
  10. I definitely vote for coach vs the trendy tokidoki. Coach has been around for over 60 years which, I guess, qualifies it as classic. That being said, my 15 year old hates coach and much prefers Marc Jacobs. I gave her a leather clutch/wallet and she loves it. The small MJ Camie bag may be a good choice here.
  11. Dooney or Coach would be a good starting point for a 15yr old.
  12. I definitely vote for Coach. While Tokidoki is very cute, I think the Coach bag will stay with her in the long run.
  13. Definitely Coach!
  14. I think one of the Coach's scribble designs or the Tokidoki, which are adorable and easy to care for.

    If you do get her a nice bag be sure to include care instructions. A teen might not have a clue how to keep it clean, etc.

    Lucky girl.
  15. ITA, try to find out more about her taste and style first. It's so hard to pick a bag for someone else...
    If you aren't 100 % sure, maybe a gift voucher (is that the right word?) for Coach or so?