What is a good first mono bag?

  1. Not a speedy or beverly, what is a good monogram bag. BH? alma? I need some suggestions. I like the new Trevi but that isnt coming out untill november. I feel the need for a mono bag:wtf:
  2. BH BH BH, or the petit noe
  3. BH, Popincourt haut, Neverfull PM,Saleya PM,
  4. If you want big...batignolles vertical or horizontal

    If you want vachetta bottom...petit noe or alma

    If you want sophisticated and fancy-ish...lockit or manhattan

    If you want youthful and fun...papillon 30

    If you want the look and feel of a speedy but not so ordinary...trouville

    I also like the vavin, something just very simple about it and classic, the only thing if the straps are somewhat short if you wear a coat.
  5. Cabas Piano is a great monogram bag!
  6. I love my Sonatine. You can see it in my signature pic. It's very classy and chic.

    Cabas Piano is another great choice.
  7. wow so many choices, I like the lock it and the bh, Im so scared of the vachetta though. keep them coming
  8. it's simple

  9. Ok , all the bags I like have a vachetta bottom, thats not good!! Not for a first mono. I am thinking BH, but is that a common bag. Maybe I should wait for the beverly I;m gonna get in Oct. I dont know ahhhhhhhhh
  10. cabas piano, it's a classic and it got a zip closure.
  11. LOL , I cant!! I swore I would never have that bag, haha
  12. petit bucket or the popincourt haut!
  13. I'm not a fan of monogram canvas and I don't have any plain monogram bag now. Anyway, Neverfull is catching my eyes so I recommend Neverfull PM or MM.
  14. I would go with BH.
  15. BH or manhattan pm.