What is a good eye-wrinkle/eye cream/serum?

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  1. Just noticed a few more eye wrinkles.. any recommendations on eye cream/serum?
  2. Boots has a nice line of anti-ageing products, they are an easy try because they are inexpensive.
  3. I'm a terrible product junkie-I skip around! Bear in mind that give something 30 days to work! Retinols (weak retin-A) will be great for wrinkles (Neutrogena makes a good one.)
  4. chanel sublimage eye & la prarie cellular eye cream
  5. I just got Bliss All Around Eye Cream at Sephora! The SA highly recommended it, and I am liking it so far.

    This is what the site says:
    Bliss multi-vitamin energizing All Around Eye Cream depuffs, highly-hydrates, protects, and lessens the appearance of fine lines with soft-focus diffusers, collagen boosters, and anti-wrinkle warriors of ceramides, nutralipids, grapeseed extract, and vitamins C + E.BlissLabs Middleweight line up loads just enough antioxidant protection for perfect balance, hydration, and clear, smooth skin.
  6. I've been on the Peter Thomas Roth Power K eye rescue ($100) and havent noticed anything drastic.

    I am now trying out the Loreal Wrinkle De-crease ($15). I am seeing results already. The website says:

    Now, the power of collagen to diffuse the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Introducing the first wrinkle reducer with Collagen Bio-Spheres and Boswelox®, that, when applied directly onto wrinkles, diffuses, smoothes, and softens laugh lines, brow furrows, and crow’s feet.
    Immediately, the appearance of expression lines and crow’s feet is softened and diffused by up to 20%.

    In one week, 38% saw fewer forehead wrinkles and 44% saw fewer lines around the eyes.

    In 3 weeks, 46% saw fewer forehead wrinkles and 54% saw fewer lines around the eyes.
  7. I've used Strivectin Eye Cream for about 6 months now. It is the only eyecream I've found that absorbs instantly and doesn't irritate my eyes. I've seen minor improvement, but things have not gotten worse, so I'll stick with it!
  8. I got a sample of L'oreal Genesis in the mail and I loved it. My skin felt smoother just overnight with the serum! I am currently using Neutrogena Anti-wrinkle, but I think I will definitely go get a tube of that L'oreal Genesis after I finish off my current tube of Neutrogena. I have also heard great things about Boots No. 7, but have yet to try it.
  9. I'm using Prevage eye cream now, and I love it! I've noticed some fine lines, and I want to stop them before they really start! The eye treatment goes on very smooth and makes my eye area feel velvety. I also think I look more rested. It's on the expensive side but well worth it and you can use the Sephora FF :tup:
  10. I'm too looking for this kinda product. There's a lot of raves going on about Boots No7 products so I'm hoping to snag some on my next trip to TX. And it won't hurt your pockets as much if they don't work, they're quite affordable!
  11. I used to love the La Mer eye cream, but have recently switched to Caudalie. I really like the results I'm getting with the Caudalie. Get a sample from Sephora first and try it out!
  12. I like Shishedo's Benefiance Concentrated Anti-Wrinkle eye Cream. My eye area is DRY and fine lines show up easily if my eye area isn't well hydrated. I think its kind of pricy, but you dont need a lot - ive had my jar months and haven't even made a dent in it.
  13. I've been using the Oil of Olay Regenerist line and think it's great. I've used more expensive department store lines in the past, but this Oil of Olay stuff works great at an awesome price!
  14. I'm going to Sephora to get some samples from what you guys have said. Off the topic, but I wish I can laser it all off. some miracle thing that just zaps it off!! wishful thinking...:lol: