What is a good, drugstore eyeliner?

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  1. I like using Clinique quickliners for eyes because it doesn't smear and stays on for hours. But it gets pricey when I use eyeliner everyday, so could you recommend a good quality, drugstore eyeliner?
  2. I've only been using liquids and shadows lately. But when I used pencils, I really liked L'oreal Microliner and Revlon Color Stay. I still have a plum colored Revlon liner that I use once in awhile. Also, I have some Sephora pencil liners... the product itself is nothing special, but they have great colors and they're inexpensive :tup:
  3. drugstore eyeliners that i've used are : ALMAY liquid liner-they work well =)
  4. revlon colorstay.... been using this for years. even with my oily lids, it doesn't smear for hours!
  5. almay liquid eyeliner in black! the best. doesnt smude for anything
  6. Is revlon colorstay hard to wash off? i prefer makeup that can be washed off easily with regular foaming cleanser.
  7. Love Revlon COlorstay. I wash it off with my cleanser.
  8. Revlon Colorstay is the one I keep buying again and again!
  9. revlon colorstay or sonia kashuk. I love sonia kashuk because it glides on sooo easily and the color is more intense but for basic, revlon fits the bill.
  10. ^ Nope.
    It stays put on your face, but it's just a regular crayon liner. It comes right off with cleanser!
  11. Usually I would go with Revlon, Almay or L'Oreal. Eye liner isn't a product you should be spending an arm and a leg on, for the cheaper brands are just as good as the dept. store brands!!
  12. I used L'oreal Lineur Intense for a few years before I got hooked on MAC's Liquidlast Liner. I thought it was pretty decent, though it tended to fade (so you need to reapply once or twice throughout the day). Oh, and it's not waterproof! (That's the main reason why I switched to the Liquidlast liner)
  13. Hands down L'Oreal Lineur Intense!! (or Line Intensifique.. the name changes every so often, not sure what it is now). It's not waterproof but it has pretty good staying power.
  14. Revlon Colorstay or their Luxurious Color Liners are WONDERFUL!
  15. another vote for Revlon ColorStay! glides on, stays on and washes off easily.