what is a "good deal" anyway? deep thoughts... hehe.

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  1. Usually, when I'm looking on eBay, or in another department store, I calculate pce price to determine whether or not I am getting a good deal.
    My problem, however, arises when I missed a bag that I have to have.
    For example, I'm DYING for a white Ali, but with so many recent posts about what you girls have picked up Alis for at the outlets, I can't feel any satisfaction paying $300 for a bag that I just "know" someone only paid $200 for.
    For some reason, I want to pay LESS than the person who bought it originally! And just so you can all dive further into my weirdness, the fact that an SA may pay considerably less and perhaps is making money off me, well for some weird reason that's okay!
    Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
    How do you determine a good deal on a particular bag?
    Furthermore, is your "I totally rocked that auction" dance ruined or do you do a big "OH MAN!" when they enclose the receipt and you paid way more than they did?
  2. For me, my MAIN thing is that I refuse to pay Hawaii retail for my Coach items. I understand the whole tourist thing, but it's definitely not fair for us local people to have to pay 20% more just because we live here. We're still a part of the United States!! That's why I love my Coach outlet. I understand that our outlet items will still cost more than the mainland outlets, but that doesn't bother me AS MUCH.

    No matter what, I always have a "I don't want to pay more than ___," which is different for each item. For example, I've been dying to have the clay shoulder bag for months now. It retails for $448 on the mainland but is $578 here in Hawaii. They don't have any left here in Hawaii and they never made it to my outlet... and after searching for a while on e-Bay I decided I didn't want to pay more than $300 (excluding shipping) for one, even though my bf kept telling me to just BIN and he'd buy it for me whatever the price. There were some that sold for around that price, but I kept holding off (mainly because I was trying to justify buying yet another bag when I rarely go out in the first place). Well, holding off paid off because I got one for $265 with shipping!!! That's more than half off Hawaii retail and still a great amount lower than mainland retail! And that makes me very happy.
  3. I know what you mean!!!

    After I missed the great Dillards new year's day sale (50% off alredy reduced). I go in there and say I can't buy this I "could have" gotten it cheaper. It irks me, but I do the PCE thing to.

    I refuse to pay retail, with that being said I'm in love with the new large pond patent ergo tote. $398 and I am going to pay.
  4. Well, I won an outlet White Ali for $269? with the tag still on $249.00. And, that's less than many currently listed. At this point, they are at the outlets, I am nowhere near an outlet, I am willing to pay $100.00 less than retail. I paid 315.00 for my first Ali. In a sense I am paying a finders fee! It also costs to list a bag listing fees, seller fees, and paypal fees . . .
  5. ^ Yeah, I paid right around $300 for my white Ali at my outlet and I know they sold for less at the outlets on the mainland... but it's so gorgeous that it's worth it!!
  6. I know talk about remorse! I actually went to the Dillard's sale in the morning when they had tons of bags and didn't buy a bag because I wasn't really feeling like I wanted any of them.

    Now I am totally craving the belted ergo, but I can't bring myself to buy it knowing that could have gotten it for a little over $100 if I had just bought it on on new year's!!!!

    UGH instead I spent the same amount of money on perfume! I bought the Miss Dior Cherie perfume and lotion set from Macy's for $106 with tax. I feel like a fool now because I could have gotten my belted ergo for the same price!!!! :sad:
  7. This is what I do too. I have a set price in my head for a particular item, and I won't pay more than that. Rarely will I pay full retail for a bag but I'm also not tied to the price in my head completely. If I can't find what I want in a reasonable amount of time, I will increase what I'm willing to pay just because I will think I'm being unreasonably cheap, which I can be.

    For example, I wanted Abbey Chelsea for ages and it was at the outlets for $400 but that was still too high for me. In my mind, I wanted it for under $300-yes, sometimes I dream big, lol. I ended up getting it for around $300 (largely thanks to Tpf!). Now I'm needing a large Carly and I really want Chambray trim which I am willing to pay full price for because it is so htf. But if I have to settle for the one with Chocolate trim, I refuse to pay more than $300 for it. Also, I've been dying for some Coach sunnies for a while now but I can't bring myself to go over $100 for them-haven't raised that price yet.

    I thought I was the only one who did this!
  8. Omg, I know exactly what you mean! I do this too! I am constantly doing PCE calculations for things I want to buy to see if it's a good deal. LOL
  9. Yes, I take into account pce and tax and see if it is less. It also bugs me knowing what they are going for at the outlets, but I am willing to pay a bit more just because they went and bought it, gas, time, shipping, and eBay/paypal fees are almost 10% of the total selling price. The outlets did have the add'l 10% off but now they don't... so I just bought another ali and paid $24 more than the week before.. so that sucked and you are dealing with people on ebay that did or didn't get that extra percentage.. that is enough to pay the fees. :tdown:
  10. I'm not happy unless I get some sort of deal. I've only bought one bag at the boutique with the PCE, all the others have been from the outlets. The way the bags have been hitting the outlets so soon, I just can't buy them from the boutiques. If I were to walk into the outlet and see it for less than I paid, that would drive me crazy. The latest thing that just proves I need to do this are the embossed bags. I absolutely loved them at the boutiques, but just couldn't bring myself to buy them, even with the PCE. So, I picked up two flap satchels at the outlet, at PCE they would have been about 375, at the outlet they were 289. I would have only bought one at PCE, but by waiting and saving an extra 90, it makes the price of the second one only 200. I know that may sound confusing, but it makes sense to me! :yes:
  11. I do a percentage in my head. Like 50% or more of a discount usually but sometimes I'd take 35% or so. It depends on how much I love the bag or item. I always buy from the outlets or on eBay. The only thing I've purchased in stores is the perfume and scarf with the PCE card.
  12. I was also very upset that I missed the dillards 50% off sale...I had no clue it was going on...I dont by retail unless I must have it:smile:
  13. I totally hear ya!

    Right now I have a hard time paying full price when things have been showing up in the outlet so fast & there have been such great deals. I usually will just hold out for PCE otherwise. I'm the kind of person that will kick myself repeatedly if I could've saved a little $$ by being patient :lol:
  14. Here's how I look at it:

    If you don't have a outlet near you or your outlet doesn't carry the handbag you want the next best thing is Ebay. Sellers fees are 10 percent with paypal and ebay fees. If a handbag sells for $200 at the outlet plus tax $216 and I find one on ebay for about $275 I don't have a problem. I know the sellers fees was $27 and they made about $32 for driving to the outlet for me, buying it, taking the time to list it and then packing it and shipping it to me, I don't think paying them $32 for their trouble is too much. If the seller never makes any money they will stop buying and selling on Ebay and then I won't have the option to purchase one except from the Boutique.

    The outlets near me are 30 minutes one way and 1 hour the other way for my other outlet. With the price of gas with my gas hog SUV sometimes it's cheaper to just buy on ebay than drive to the outlet hoping they would have a certain handbag you are dying to have. Does this make since?