What is a good Damier tote to replace my Saleya MM?

  1. I'm getting rid of my Saleya MM and I need a Damier replacement. I have a Duomo but I'm looking for a meduim to large tote.

    The Saleya is a beauty but I cannot get past the base of the bag baing so wide, for me alteast. I know there are many ladies that have this bag and it does not bother them

    Anyway any suggestions on a Damier tote that I can get in the place of the Saleya

    The first thing that comes to mind is the Special Order Cabas mezzo but I was just checking to see if anyone else had any suggestions?

  2. medium to large damier tote huh... did you look at the chelsea?
  3. Ditto,Chelsea is a good replacement for the Saleya MM. I am on the reverse, I use Saleya MM to replace my beaten up Chelsea.:yes:
  4. Have you looked at the Highbury? It's really nice inside --- split into two sections to better organize your things. This is my first Damier bag and I love it! I exchanged my Saleya for this one.
  5. Can you guys post pics of the Chelsea and the Highbury?

    I think I've seen a chelsea before but not sure about the highbury
  6. How about a Uzès Parioli or Manosque PM
  7. I really love the Uzes! I had the Parioli but didn't like it because it doesn't open too wide. I had the Chelsea also, and it's just huge.
  8. I've always wondered how to post pictures like all you wonderful tPF'ers. I'd post a picture of my highbury, but don't know how. Relatively new to forum, so forgive my ignorance!
  9. Damier Uzes :heart: :drool:
  10. Iluvbags-- I totally know what you mean about it being so wide at the bottom!

    That is the reason I didn't buy the GM for a oversized everyday bag...it felt like I had a football under my arm!! I am still considering it for a business tote, though.

    Have you thought of the Chelsea?
  11. How about the Manosque PM. It's so cute.
  12. chelsea!!
  13. I have the Parioli and it's a decent sized tote.... The opening is a bit narrow. Here's a pic of it w/the cosmetic case and the framboise agenda.

  14. Uhhhh, the Saleya GM of course! I love that bag but don't need it because I have a Cabas Alto...
  15. LOVE MY CHELSEA!!!!!!Its an awesome bag-I just love it. I love the size and especially thw brown leather bottom-its just the best and so classy!!!!!!