What is a good Chanel that could go to the beach or footbal game?

  1. Is there a good Chanel bag out there that would be practical to take out to a beach bar, and maybe the beach, to a football game. Obviously these are places that could get sand, dirty or maybe beer spilled upon it.

    Usually I take my prada nylon bags or a cloth gucci, since they wipe clean easier. I don't want to take my leather out.

    But I'd love to have something Chanel that would be versatile as a good knock around bag.

    Ooh, and I am not a fan of the PVC totes...I don't like having all my stuff exposed.:p
  2. The washed caviar leather on the cabas holds up VERY well.
  3. How about the Paris Biarritz tote?? That looks like it could hold up, esp the non-leather versions...

    Btw did you manage to get your grey reissue??? Still want me to check on the black reissue for you?:graucho:
  4. They have some lovely fabric totes in the travel/sport ligne :yes:
  5. I take my medallion tote everywhere and it looks the same as the day I bought it!!
  6. For sporting events,concerts etc I take my cambon messenger.
    For the beach I wouldn't bring a leather. There are chanel sport bags to look at that may be good.
  7. how about the rock?? It's vinyl but not see through.
  8. I think the rock would be perfect for the beach or a football game.