What is a good Chanel bag for work?

  1. I'm in the process of selling all my bags and getting my "staple" bags converted over so that they are all Chanel.

    This is the bag that I carry for work right now. I'm including the link to NM, so you can see the approx size and style.

    Neiman Marcus  - Nylon Pocket Tote

    What Chanel bag would you recommend for me? The Coco Cabas I feel is too big for me, as I'm only 5'1--and as a business owner, I want something somewhat classic and structured, not too trendy. I also want it to look like a "work bag", not an oversized handbag.

    Here is what I will primarily carry in the bag--papers, folders, small laptop, ipod.
  2. how about the Chanel tote in large in caviar. Swanky has a picture of it posted in various of the threads. perhaps she can post it again here for you? its large enough, and timeless. i think it will be perfect for work. lets see what everyone else will suggest.
  3. I don't have the measurements. . . it's a big bag, but has compartments so maybe you need something open inside?
    I'll post photos of the Grand Shoppping Tote in caviar, but also search for the Cerf in here or the Mademoiselle totes {aka MM}.
    DSCF1323.jpg DSCF1327.jpg DSCF1335.jpg
  4. per Swanky's photo's, advise, and SA's number in a previous thread, I ordered the Caviar Grand Shopper two days ago--it should be here early next week. I was hoping though to use that as a handbag. I've never seen it in person, so it's hard for me to gauge how big it's going to be--except for seeing it on Swanky in the photo she provided. I think I want something completely open for my work bag--although, my Prada that I emailed the link to does has a middle pocket.

    The Prada is roughly 10.5 inches high by 15.5 inches wide--so it is wide enough to squeeze legal size documents into. The SA told me the grand shopper was 13 inches wide, so I definately want something a little more retangular than that.

    If any of you are familiar with LV--I want something comparable to the relationship between a cabas piano as your handbag and luco tote as work bag. My grand shopper needs a companion!
  5. I love the MM tote for work...she basically replaced my LV Cabas Mezzo tote...

    I have been using the MM tote for work for a couple of weeks...no scatching...she has gotten just a bit slouchier, but otherwise looks like new...
    Chanel Bags 001.jpg
  6. I would recommend the Chanel Cerf tote - it's so discreetly Chanel!! There's one style with the CC clasp, and one with the modern Mademoiselle clasp. Here's a pic of the one with the Mademoiselle closure borrowed from an eBay auction.

    It's the one Jennifer Aniston is wearing in a couple of colors in "The Break Up"... I'm looking at this style for my next work bag... it's not too "blingy".
    Chanel cerf.jpg
  8. my first thought of a chanel work bag is the cerf. it's so perfect for work- discreet, roomy, and sturdy.
  9. from what you described sounds like the MM or Cerf is right for you! Good luck!
  10. couldn't have said it better then all these lovely ladies. if you wanted something more square then i'd say medallion, but i love the other two the girls suggested. its discreet, classy, but has substance. cant wait to hear what you choose!
  11. ^Medallion isn't big enough to fit reg files or anything in, her Grand Shopper is actually quite a bit roomier.
  12. my friend and I are going to make the trip to Charleston tomorrow to visit Saks (sad but true, I have to drive 2 hours for a hint of decent shopping) --I'll let you girls know if I find anything, and what I ultimately decide! Thanks for all your advise!
  13. I think the cerf tote is great, as suggested by some of the ladies here..does anyone know how much it retails for?
    I kind of bring 2 bags to work..hehe a smallish/ medium shoulder purse (sometimes the classic flap -med) and a gucci tote (very plain one).
  14. best of luck. hope you get lucky!!!please do keep us updated.
  15. I think the cerf tote would be great. I have the white cerf with gold chanel clasps. I love that the bag has so many compartments and it doubles up great as a diaper bag.