What is a good carat weight for diamond studs?

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  1. I think it depends on the size of your earlobes. I have tiny earlobes. A half carat barely fits on my ear. I have .48's on each side (.96 TCW) and it uses up my entire lobe and looks gigantic. So a lot about size depends on your anatomy.
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  2. I have 3 ctw in a 3 prong martini with extra large screw backs. They're amazing, I steam clean them on Fridays and put them right back in. I have a lot of hair so thought I'd need bigger (and I did!) . But with studs you can go down a little in color and clarity, a good jeweler would recommend that actually.
  3. do you mind sharing a pic and specs of your studs, I'm in the market to buy a pair but like you I have a lot of hair and am thinking 4+ carats. Thanks in advance:smile:
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1406688104.915389.jpg here u go, i hope it attached! Sorry it's a little dark in our room. I love this size, great earlobe coverage and really comfortable in the martini setting
  5. ^ they are stunning! Thanks so much for the pic :smile:
  6. *bump*:flowers:
  7. I have 0.50 carat per pair, bought them to commemorate 10 working years in the same company. I love that pair and wear them almost daily, even when traveling. I will be hitting my 20 years next year....need to get something else
  8. I have a nice pair 2.30 total carat weight. I like them very much of course but one time I saw a picture of Julia Roberts with the tiniest diamond earrings in her ear and they looked simple and very elegant. Just a sparkle in her ear. Because of that I am very interested in purchasing a small pair as well
  9. I posted mine in another thread. These are 0.03 ct each. I prefer the smaller look. 2015-02-11 12.09.41.jpeg
  10. Oops. I meant 0.3
  11. Here are all my studs, ranging from .33 down to .05 or .10 not able to remember which. I love alternating different shapes

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