What is a good carat weight for diamond studs?

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  1. Thank you!:smile:
  2. Thank you:smile:
  3. Hi, Ladies
    If i choose I color, ideal cut for diamond studs, what is the lowest clarity could i go?
    In the mean time, is regular push back ok for diamond stud earrings?(1.3 ctw) the screw back just hurts!
  4. Hmm I'm looking to upgrade this year, I have 1.00 ctw and would like 1.50 ctw.
    Any idea on how visible the difference is?
  5. IMHO going up to 1.5 ctw is not going to wow you. I would save up and get 2 ctw. I think you will be happier in the long run.
  6. perfect on you! congratulations and great choice.

  7. Lovely!
  8. I love my diamond studs and wear them all the time 24/7, I have 4cttw and have no problem sleeping with them. I used to have 1 cttw and those were perfectly lovely, the size is very nice and you'll be very happy with them I am sure.
  9. I am thinking of getting some diamond studs lately also. Do you all feel like your studs go with "everything" - or do you change them out if you are wearing, say, yellow gold for a necklace??

    I was thinking of getting a bezel set pair in 0.8 or so tcw.

    i rarely wear earrings, when I do I wear my pearl studs. so I hope I would actually wear studs a lot.. Hmm. :smile:
  10. I am considering cushion cut studs too and would like to know.
  11. Hi ladies,
    I have a pair of 1.5ctw studs with jackets that I wear for nights out so I'm looking for a small everyday daytime pair - something under 1 ctw.
    Do you think there's a significant difference between .8 and .7 ctw? Or the 1 ctw and .8? I have a good idea of what the 1ctw looks like as a basis for comparison and wondering if the .8 is noticeably smaller or if I should go for the .7?
    Thanks in advance ladies!!!
  12. i have studs that are 1ct total weight and think the .50 in each ear is the perfect every day size. mine are screw-backs and i wear them 24/7. this is the first pair of earrings i've ever been able to sleep in. i also have short hair, just a little below my ears so they aren't hard to see since i tuck my hair behind my ears a lot.
  13. Mine are 1ctw and I love this size for everyday wear... They work perfectly for evenings out as well!
  14. No, between a .7 and a .8 won't be a noticeable difference IMO. A .7 and a 1.0 will be noticeable.
  15. OK, just ordered my diamond studs on bluenile. Can't wait for them to arrive!!