What is a good carat weight for diamond studs?

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  1. What is a good color for diamond earrings?
  2. Also personal . . . I'd prefer a better cut and lower color. I'd look for excellent/ideal cut I color.
  3. Good advice!
  4. Thanks that's what my jeweler said. I am just starting to investigate 1 3/4 total weight I tried on and really liked. My ears are very small and i really think for everyday these were perfect!
  5. I finally got my my diamond studs! I went with 1.5 tcw they are for everyday and I love them. My ears are very tiny so these are the perfect size. I took the advice on here and my jeweler and went for the cut over the color. My jeweler advised me that as long as I went with the highest ideal cut that for earrings I could go to an I in color so I did. They sparkle and I am happy I did my research! I decided against the screw ons and went with a special lock! Thanks for all the posts on here really does help!
  6. Let's see a pic!! And congrats!
  7. I've got two pairs of diamond studs, one pair is .1 ctw with 6 prongs setting, another one is .3ctw with 4 prongs setting, and I find myself reaching out for the .03ctw pair most of the time, but I'm thinking about getting a bigger pair, say .75ctw.
  8. I have small, medium and large. Each for different occasions. As an on the go mom I wear the half carat most often. Just depends on your lifestyle.
  9. I agree I will post a pic tomorrow when my kids can help me!!
  10. I think .50 is so classy and it can go day to evening without looking too much. Anything bigger or smaller might be only good for day or night.
  11. Oh, I never judge a diamond based on specs. I have to see it myself..sometimes specs looks great but when you look it at something is off. If you are good with judging diamonds always trust your eyes first. Of course i'm only speaking of reputable jewelry stores.
  12. Sorry it took so long! I need help posting pics lol!!

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  13. Sorry the pics r crazy looking but I am really bad at this!
  14. Beautiful! This size looks really nice on you!!
  15. Yes they look wonderful.