What is a good carat weight for diamond studs?

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  1. I know many of you ladies are really into jewelry and wear large diamond stud earrings. I'm thinking of getting some half carat each ear. According to the jeweler, this is most popular size for everyday wear. My lifestyle is fairly casual. I work in an office but it's business casual--not like a big law firm or business where women wear suits on a regular basis. I'm not inclined to spend the money for larger size and would be afraid of losing them. But I do have a lot of hair. DH thinks the whole idea of me getting the half carat studs is foolish as with my hair, they won't be noticed. Opinions?
  2. Occasionally, I wear 1.5 ctw (.75 ct. each) brillant cut. If you get the screw on earrings, they will be secure. I'm in the process of making dangling diamond earrings with pearls since I have long hair think hair.
  3. I think that is a fine size. I have three sets, so I do rotate- but I do have a one carat pair. I wear the one carat every day almost! I have longer hair, but I really don't care! I wear business casual daily too. I think that size is perfectly fine. You could go smaller if you wanted to maybe .75 total weight, if you think .5 in each ear is too much.
  4. No, don't think it's too much. I was going to reset my tiny (less than 1/4 carat each) ones in platinum and decided they were too small.
  5. My diamond studs are 1 ct. total weight (half carat each ear), and I think they are the perfect size for every day wear. Mine are screw backs (which I definitely recommend), so they feel safe on. I also have a lot of hair, so they aren't very noticeable, but I know they are there and I love them.
  6. the ones i have, and wear everyday, are .75 carat total weight. they are nice and comfy, but i'm ready to upgrade to 1 carat total weight. i think you could go much larger if you went with a 3 prong basket setting... but if you lose one prong, you could lose your diamond. is it going to be set in gold or platinum? as previously mentioned, always go w/ the screw backs.
  7. I have a 1 cttw pair and a 2 cttw pair. I wear them both everyday! LOL!
    1 cttw is a perfect size for most people, I think you'd love them:yes:
  8. I have a little over a carat each ear. (2+ ct tw)

    I have lots of hair and they really are hard to notice. If I were making the decision to buy now, I would probably not buy them. I would put the money towards something else. They are lovely, but so very expensive to be hidden.
  9. ^that's why I like them. . . like little hidden treasures:biggrin:
    I have an insane amount of hair, but wear it up a lot so I get to enjoy mine, but when my long hair is down, I like htem peeking out when I tuck my hair behind my ear.
    I LOVE stud earrings. I've been wearing them exclusively for 7 yrs now and only recently have I even started to think I may want a pair od inside out diamond hoops for a change!
  10. I plan on three-prong platinum setting. I know many of you like the screw backs but all of the jewelers I've talked to say the regular backs done correctly are just as secure...And for me, I think I'd find the screw backs inconvenient....not that I want to lose my diamonds, but if I don't have to mess with the scew backs, I'd like to avoid it.
  11. That's discouraging to hear Kellybag. But I do wear my hair with sides up or headband much or the time to keep the big curly hair looking a bit more controlled. So that would help somewhat with exposing the earrings. Hope I don't get them and then regret it.
  12. ^read my last comment. . . I guess it depends on how you style your hair{?}
    Mine are on 3 prong platinum martini settings, I'll post a side photo. Mine are not screwbacks and are very secure.
    I also posted a size comparison for my 2 pairs.

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  13. Thank you...that's encouraging. In regard to Martini settings, one jeweler told me he prefers a regular 3-prong setting to a true "Martini", as according to him, the martini has a point that goes into earlobe and may be uncomfortable...esp if you wear daily and may sleep in them? your thoughts?
  14. Maybe 1.5 ct., .75 ct. each is the best.
  15. totally comfortable. . . that's coming from a male assumption :biggrin:
    My female jeweler wears 4 cttw true martinis. I sleep in both my pairs every night.
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