What is a good buying price for a used Paddington?

  1. Hi guys! I was wondering, for you personally, what a good buying price for a used paddington ? Not a special edition or high in demand color, just a standard color that is available in stores. The condition is fine, no flaws.

    I'm posing the question to buyers, or more specifically, if you were buying one (sellers have different opinions). Please remove any seller emotions in you or what you want to see if you sold one of yours.

    Thank you!:flowers:

    Edit: Let's say our thoughts for '05 or '06 paddington. In "like new" condition (i.e. no chipping lock, stains, etc).
  2. Depends on how much it cost. If it were 1300 dollars and it was used I would say about 700 or 800 would be reasonable depending on how old it was and how used it was.