What is a Good Briefcase for Women?

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  1. Hello lovely people,

    Need all of your expert advice. I'm a lawyer who needs a nice and sturdy briefcase for work/court. Some options that I am contemplating - sac a depeches, plume, victoria. What do you think? What size/color/leather would be good? Any pics would be awesome as well.

    Thank you so much!

    Happy New Year by the way!
  2. I would choose the plume. It's secure, roomy, under stated, such tactile handles and carries easily. I don't like the new plume pop In butler leather and would look for a good pre owned.
  3. I'm not sure if a Plume 32 or Victoria 35 would fit the documents/folders you need to carry, if you do need to carry them. Of course if it's only few A4 size papers/docs + laptop, then both sizes will be ok.
    Style wise, I think only Sac a Depeches look more like a briefcase. I personally like the design though it might look a bit manly depending on the colour.
    Colour is very personal, but for me, dark colour (black/dark blue/dark brown/dark red/ dark grey/etc) or in H gold (ish)/ natural hue is most suitable for work environment.
    Leather wise, I think only Plume has more variety of choice in leather, not so much in Victoria and SaD.
  4. Whitebus would get my vote. Personally, I wouldn't carry a Plume or Victoria, both of which I love as a handbag, as a briefcase. To me, they just look too much like a handbag - and I don't think they are large enough for the files I tote around - we still use the legal size files (though I'm not really sure why)...
  5. I too was going to suggest the Whitebus for you! Great minds think alike. This is a great structured tote and would be very professional, also appears to hold legal folders very nicely. Good Luck! :biggrin:
  6. You might want to head over the UK H.com site, under men's "document holders"... to see the variations in briefcases that you're contemplating.

    Victoria II attache case: http://uk.hermes.com/leather/bags-and-luggage/homme/document-holder/configurable-product-c-victoriaii-12h-27133.html

    Since the leather is clemence... this briefcase probably won't have the look of a "stiff" briefcase... although stiff contents (like files) will probably help it retain a stiff appearance, while it's being used. In any case, the leather will likely soften beautifully... if you like the look of "lived in" leather. :smile:

    Sac a Depeches briefcase: http://uk.hermes.com/leather/bags-and-luggage/homme/document-holder/configurable-product-c-depeche-48472.html

    Since the leather is togo... this briefcase will be hardy and durable. It will likely retain its structure, too.

    The Sac a Depeches has also been available with two buckles in front... but I don't know if it's still available. Also, the Plume has been available in a "document holder" style... which looks like a functional briefcase. And the Whitebus is also a great suggestion (either the traditional "horizontal" version, called "Whitebus" or the "vertical" version, called "Whitebus Up").

    See all three in the "super catalog" here: READ ME: Hermes SuperCatalog . Note, that these styles/variations may not be in current production and may only be available secondhand.

    Here's a pic of Christine Lagard with her Whitebus Up (note that the Whitebus only closes with a small snap, as opposed to the other briefcases which completely close)

    Christine Lagarde - Whitebus Up.png

    HTH. GL with your decision! :smile:

  7. I like the suggestion of the Whitebus--it's an open tote-type bag, and not too showy...but, it is open-top.

    Have you considered a Kelly briefcase in a dark color w/ brushed hardware and a rugged, matte leather such as Togo or Fjord? The long since 'retired' Ardennes was the absolute best for a briefcase. I believe they attempted a new rendition of it in the leather Vache Leigee, but that may have been retired too. If you do find a way to order this bag, just make sure it's in a leather that's not floppy (like Clemence or Swift). There are no metal feet on the base of the bag, so the leather really holds the shape at the base.

    Good luck and let us know what you end up finding/buying.
  8. Thank you, everyone!! Will post as soon as I buy one.
  9. Kelly lakis?