What is a good bag for a mother of three...

  1. My gf has 3 kids under age 6, one is still in diapers:nuts:. Anyhow she asked me what is the best bag (not diaper bag she has one) for a mom:confused1:. I told her what is popular in LV but, it would be nice to hear from moms what is best with small kids. I recommended the Speedy 30 because it is a huge seller and thought is would be somewhat kid friendly...in epi, daimer or mini lin it would be easy to clean...would love picks to share with her:tup:...thanks
  2. I would say the BH as it is a shoulder bag, I don't think the Mini Lin would be easy to clean!
  3. The Mini Lin isn't a good bag for a mom I think! And the Speedy ist a hand held bag and not very good to open. So I think I would go for a shoulder bag: BH, Popincourt haut or maybe a cross body bag?!
  4. Bh!
  5. I was gunna say BH too :smile:
  6. BH or even the Neverfull
  7. popincourt haut.
  8. I would also say the BH. If she only wants to carry her stuff around the Cabas Piano would also be great because you can carry it on the shoulder. I use that one as a mommy bag, but I don't have 3 kids....maybe the Cabas Mezzo would also work if she wants to carry a lot of stuff around too. I see a lot of moms with that bag.
  9. neverfull gm
  10. Cabas Piano or Mezzo - shoulder bag that holds a lot of stuff!
  11. Hudson GM.

    It is a versatile, roomy, shoulder bag.
  12. bh or mezzo. nice thing about the mezzo- good size, zips shut. good thing about bh, not too big (so you don't carry too much), clasp shut is fine, great price. both are comfy.
  13. BH or Neverfull.
  14. I wouldn't suggest getting a handheld bag with such young children. It's impossible for me to use my Speedy 30 now!
  15. BH for sure! It's been great because it's easy access and large. I can put all my things in there, plus a change of clothes for my 5 yr old and whatever else he needs me to bring along. It's also my carryon for traveling.