What is a girl to do?

  1. Hey everyone I need your input I have louis vuitton Mc white speedy 30 and I was thinking about selling it and getting a new Chanel. I am loving the denim coco cabas.What would you do? I love the mc speedy because it matches everything but I hate carrying because it does not fit on the shoulder. Help!!!!:confused1:
  2. I would sell it and go for the Chanel!
  3. I say go for the denim coco cabas..you can always repurchase the mc speedy later.
  4. I'd sell it oo . .
    I personally don't like the MC LV's and I HAVE TO HAVE a shoulder bag!
  5. i would sell it and go for the chanel as well! although, i am not too sure my pick would be the denim coco cabas however, especially if you want something that will match with a lot of outfits. i feel as though the denim coco cabas may be more of a trend, perhaps i would go for a classic chanel instead, like the GST?
  6. well, i HATE the LV MC line with a passion. go for the Chanel and join the elegant luxe side of French handbags-CHANEL! I agree with evychew, find a more classic line not denim. Try the Grande Shopping Tote/GST or the vintage ligne tote or cloudy bundle tote if you are into leather totes. GST wins the durability contest though.
  7. I loved the MC line when it first came out and bought one in 2003, but it's now out of my collection... I know LV makes it still, but I find it dated. I would totally sell it, but agree with a PP who said the denim Cabas might not be the most versatile... probably a black or white leather would be my choice if you like the Cabas style!
  8. If you are still not used to the handheld speedy then you have to let her go. I always thought I needed a shoulder bag but adapted to the epi speedy so I guess I can go either way. Sometimes you have to try it out first. And you did. I would sell it and get a Cabas.
  9. I love the lv mc speedys-especially the white. I think it's nice to have in your handbag collection unless you know you won't use it anymore.
  10. I have an mc lv speedy, and I wouldn't trade it for a denim anything. You're right, it goes with everything. And you could always get one of those long extender straps and wear it across the body like mary kate...

    i dont think chanel is necessarily "the elegant side of french luxury..." in fact, my husband prefers LV to Chanel and (as a total fashion outsider) likes the color architectural/structural refinement of the LV bags (multicolore excluded). I just think they are different looks. If you've been carrying the LV for a while and want to change it up, by all means, go for it.

    But don't change your style just because someone on this forum told you you aren't elegant/classy/luxe/whatever if you don't. :queen:
  11. I think we are straying from the original question. She likes the denim coco cabas. I know it is not as classic as the leather but I don't see the need to tell her to get something else. She gave us her two choices she was deciding between. I am not trying to start a conflict and I apologize if I am coming across that way.
  12. I personally wouldn't sell it. It goes with everything (I know because I have both black and white lol) and it will look great in the upcoming spring and summer months!
    I love the Cabas but not the denim one, you'll probably end up not liking it after awhile and wanting your Speedy back.
    If it were a different color I'd say sell the Speedy but since it's for the denim, I say keep the Speedy :yes:
  13. I agree with Tweetie- so many awesome "over the shoulder" Chanel styles to chose from. The denim cabas doesn't seem as versatile as the black cabas- I'm not a white purse kind of gal. Good luck with your decision, though- one thing is for sure- get rid of the LV's!!!:yes:
  14. Thanks girls for your input I think I am going to sell it. I can only use it in the spring and summer. I rather I have a bag I can use all year round. I like the leather cabas too. But I might change my mind when I get to Saks they have so many choices so who knows. I think the lv mc speedy is a little dated. Thanks again girls.
  15. In that case, don't get denim, IMO it won't work in fall and winter months.