What Is A Girl Like Me Doing In A Place Like This?!!!!!

  1. Having the time of her life!!!!!! That's what!!!!! I am back from my trip to Chicago and I am still trying to recover from seeing bbags- lots of them!!!!! OMG!!!! How in the world do those of you that live near a store that sells these beauties ever get a thing done?!!!!!! I am soooo totally jealous!!!!!!!
    I was bumming out at first, I went to NM- no bbags.Went down to the Magnificent Mile, went to NM- still no bbags. I am panicking:wtf:- I have to see bbags in person- have to!!!!!!!! One last place to try- Barneys- oh yea, finally- at last, bbags:yahoo:!!!!!!!

    The first bag I saw was the flat bag ( sorry- not sure of the name)! My first look at Ocean! I love it with the sgh- but it is not me. I would love it if I were a jeans gal!! Then the cinnamon color in the same bag. Another gal comes in tries on this one and buys it! My girlfriend loves this one too. I LOVE the cinnamon ALOT!!!!! If I didn't already have Cafe, I would have bought this ( though not in this style). This style doesn't close at all- wouldn't work for me.... It doesn't look like cafe, I just wanted something different.
    I see a city and a hobo Steel with ggh- it was more blue than I thought it would be. I had REALLY wanted this BAD with SGH. In person, it didn't do it for me.

    Alot of Cities were there with SGH. Red ( oh if only I thought I could wear this- it is HOT!!!) Cinnamon( one of my favorites) Olive ( another one I REALLY thought I wanted- it didn't do anything for me and I wasn't in love with the leather). If I were able to carry a light colored bag and if I wanted another bbag with ggh I would have bought the Mastic. OMG- that bag made me weak in the knees. CLASSY!!!!!!!!
    I came wanting a day.They had the day in rh in black and cinnamon. I know I am in the minority, but I have to have gh!!!!! I got to see a first - too small, work- too big, part-time- too long, and then there she was-quite frankly I still can't believe I bought her, not at all what I thought I would do.... A Black SGH City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am totally in :heart:- I can't wait to get her. They are shipping her to me. ( not tax!). I would not have guessed in a million years that I would have bought what I did. What a thrill to see the colors in person, try the bbags on to see what was "me". I can't wait to do it again:graucho:, and again:graucho:, and again:graucho:. Spring 08 here I come:graucho::graucho:!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh... fun!! :yahoo: Thanks for sharing your fun shopping experience in Chicago!! Glad you FINALLY found your b-bag "haven"!!
    What a great new purchase-picked out PERSONALLY!!!! Post pics of your beauty when she arrives!! Black with SGH is SOO classy!!
    (not that I've seen one irl...:crybaby:)

    I'm ENVIOUS of your "in person, b-bag try on session"!! I have not yet been anywhere that has balenciaga.... so I've only seen -in person -the few I have purchased (on line!). Thankful that I can see pics on this forum though.. it's the next best thing to "in person"!
    oh yes .... I too feel a much needed 08 big city trip to a balenciaga carrying store!!:graucho:
  3. OOhh.... another addict on the way...:p WelCome to the dark side.. as they call it. :death: CoNgrats on your 1st bBag... with I'm sure... many more to come! Post pics.. when she arrives.. and CONGRATS!
  4. What a fun story! I can't wait to see pics. Boy! You are really in da club now!!!
  5. Oh I felt I was there with you! Congrats on your new beauty!!
  6. Oh congratulations! Sounds like a fun and fruitful trip! Can't wait to see the pics of your beautiful bag soon!
  7. I am literally drooling as I am reading!! congrats on your find!!
  8. :yahoo:Yay!! Congrats on your purchase!!
    Post pics as soon as you get it!!
  9. Thanks for sharing your story! I loved all your detail - as another girl who doesn't live in a bit city, I too long for the ability to just stroll into a store and see Bbags, live and in person! Whenever we go on holiday, it is generally more of an adventure type of trip that doesn't involve stores - YIKES! The last time I was in NYC, two years ago, I wasn't into Balenciagas, and I bought a Birkin. (subsequently carried once or twice, and I sold the bag - just didn't care for it.) If only I had known about Balenciagas!!!!! My daughter and I are going to Paris, Rome and Milan next summer, so I'm going to have my shopping shoes on, baby! If you go back to Chicago, be sure to post again - I loved reading your wonderful descriptions!
  10. :yahoo:YAY!!! thanks for sharing your experience with us! and welcome to the dark side as oogiewoogie put it! remember to post pics for us to :drool:... well for broke people like me that is! :p
  11. Congrats!!! :yahoo:

    I meant to tell you our NM doesn't sell BBags, only Barney's .... but I'm glad they had lots of stock in!!! Love your story!
    Isn't Michigan Avenue great??? I love going there :heart: I tell my DH all the time it is the only perk to living in Illinois :p

    I'm actually going again on Saturday! Woohoo!!!
  12. I love your enthusiasm!
    Fun story and congrats on the new bag!
  13. Great story and great choice! Black with SGH is GORGEOUS!!! So is tomato with SGH - I would love to see someone with lots of confidence to pull that baby off - it won't be me though im too conservative with all neutrals!!! I consider white a bold color. LOL... .CONGRATS!!!!
  14. Thanks for sharing your Bbag shopping adventure with us! Looking forward to seeing pics of your new Black SGH City...
  15. I'm glad that you had so much fun at Barney's! It's frustrating that that's the only place on Michigan Ave that sells Balenciaga (I don't understand why NM doesn't), but at least you found something that you love. Congrats on your first bbag!