What is a fair price for used White MC Pochette in pretty good condition?

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  1. Hello all you LV experts:

    Please help me determine a good price to offer on a used White MC Pochette. The canvas looks great except for some rub off on two flowers. The vachetta at the top has medium brown patina but the patina is evenly distributed. The inside looks great.

    The strap is in the worst condition, it is pretty dark in color, almost gray in some areas. The LV label has tiny dark patina in the corners.

    I want to make a best offer. What is a fair offer?

  2. since you have to replace the strap, i think max would be 275.
  3. I bought a white mc pochette off of eBay in very good condition, just had minor color rubbing for 269. it was from a my poupette seller
  4. Thanks for the input!
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