What is a fair offer for a 2005 Black Hobo?

  1. I decided I really want that black hobo bag I saw on Ebay. I emailed the seller; she said that it was purchased in 2005 from "Pamela Robbins" a store in Scarsdale, NY. I asked if she would do a buy it now and she said yes, to give her an offer. What do you all think? What would be fair?
  2. They go for $995 new. How used is it?
  3. I've seen several sell for right around the 850 mark.
  4. That sounds like a fair price depending on the condition.
  5. Wasn't her auction started at $799? If so, $850 is fair. For a great condition older leather bag the bag can sell for retail so anything below retail is a great deal.
  6. The auction said the bag was new, but it did not look new; I offered $900 because it is the "older" leather. If she does not take it, I will just go with the bidding. Thanks for your help!!
  7. Is the saddle and the hobo the same bag? I just looked at her auction again and the sales tag says "saddle" and she is saying that it retails for $1150.
  8. she should accept that!! :smile: