What is a decent Ceramic styling iron(stright and curl hair)

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  1. Any one using those ceramic iron that can straighten and curl hair? I tried one in the mall and would like to buy one . Does the more expensive one really better than the cheaper ones? What's the different b/w those 100% ceramic ones and Titanium + Ceramic ones?
  2. alot of peoplei knw swear by T3. buy the professional grade ones coss the consumer ones are generally not as good. and considering you're subjecting your hair to being sandwiched by high heat, it's worth the investment.
  3. i would strongly advise the Babylyss brand... i have one at home and it's really great... you have to buy the white ceramics ones as they don't damage the hair as much as the others.
  4. I love GHD's they are a tad expensive but I straighten and curl my hair with these...
    They're huge in AUS and UK, but not too sure about the US
  5. ^ I second the GHD. It makes lovely curls (from ringlets to loose) as well as waves and of course it straightens beautifully. Another thing is that it only takes like 20 seconds to heat up. It is pricier but worth it, thumbs up from me.
  6. i third the GHD suggestion, i've had mine 4 years and they're fantastic!
  7. I recently bought one from Target, Conair brand, only about $14 and it works great, just as great as the one my hair stylist uses :shrugs:

  8. Ceramic uses a far infrared heat. It heats the hair from the inside out and basically works quicker than a traditional gold plated iron. Because it works quicker, there is less contact time with the heat of the iron to the hair. It also is a smooth surface and will eliminate pulling and tearing of the hair.

    Titanium is one of the strongest elements known to man. It makes the iron and it's coatings more reslient to the heat and it's daily use.

    You want to make sure that you get one that will reach a bare minimum of 400*F as this will close the cuticle on contact and impart shine and moisture. Otherwise, you will have to make multiple passes through each section of hair to get the desired results and thus, causing undue damage to the hair.
    I won't get into specific brandings as I have done this in other threads and simply don't want to ramble on.......:smile: But if you're truly interested in my opinions (I have spent the past 7 years working for the largest appliance manufacturer in the world and not only testing/designing new products but running their education as well. I train stylists, consumers and sales forces about the product and answer questions EXACTLY like the ones you've just asked.) feel free to search out previous posts end find more info there................

    Good luck!
  9. Another GHD supporter! I got the new Mark 4 straightener and it works great. It's designed to create curls and waves as well as perfect straight hair.
    I guess GHD is becoming really popular, not only on this board, but a lot of professionals also like to use it. I saw some backstage video from New York Fashion week and they created their looks with the GHD.:smile:
  10. I first used a $30 one from Revlon called Wet to Straight. It really worked well although it dried my hair out. I now use one from CHI and am happy with it.
  11. GHD's!!!! i really do not know what i ever did without them! fab fab fab!
  12. sorry but i hate chi...its way overhyped and overpriced,IMO. my hairdresser always uses one called"Infra-shine" I swear its the BEST! eveytime she does my hair with it it comes out so smooth and perfect and everyone always gives me compliments on it. you can order it from brightonbeautysupply.com
  13. I use to own a Babyliss, until i used a GHD......it's awesome. I will never go back to any other brands.
    It's light and so easy to use and really quick.
  14. After buying and discarding several, I had almost given up when I bought GHD.

    I have really thick hair which dislikes moisture. LOLOL.

    I find that even though my hair is far too long and in a desperate need of a major chop, I am really impressed with them, really quick, and no snagging on any teeth like on cheaper models.
  15. My fav will always be the Hai,to me is the best :p
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