What is a controllato card???

  1. After months of waiting and watching others rejoice, my jaune step has finally arrived. As I was appreciating my bag, this little piece of paper came out... the controllato card. Does this thing have any significance? All my bbags had these, but they all looked the same. I have been lurking in this forum for quite some time now and I learned a lot about bbags, but I never found out the use of the card. Can anyone explain?
    bbag 006.JPG bbag 005.jpg
  2. Congrats on your Jaune Step! Great color and leather! :tup:
    But i've no idea whats the controllato card is for also. :confused1:
    Other brands such as Gucci also comes with controllato cards.
  3. Gorgeous! I love Jaune,charming color!! :tender::love: CONGRATS,she's beautiful!!
  4. Hm... I was wondering the same thing. Maybe it has something to do with passing inspection once the bag is put together? Controllato = control. Just my thoughts (but they may not be correct!)
  6. Very pretty bag! Enjoy!
  7. ah - i thought it was just me? Its just a bit of thick paper - i thought it might be an actual 'card' ...
  8. love the colour, very different
  9. Thanks for the compliment. I love my new bag, but the contollato card still remains a conundrum....:confused1: