What is a Chanel girl like? This is me

  1. I stole this from the balenciaga forum. :p I thought it was a very cute thread and it would be a great way for us to get to know a little more about each other!

    name: evelyn (evychew is my nickname)
    age: 18
    gender: :cutesy:
    resides: Berkeley, CA (hometown: Palos Verdes, CA)
    occupation: student
    favorite brand: Chanel and Balenciaga bags, Hello Kitty (yup, I just admitted it :yes:), Paige Denim, and my latest need to have: Louboutins
    hobbies: traveling, spending my dad's money, trying to hide the CC statements from the parentals
    favorite drink: Pink Lemonade
    favorite food: Sushi
    favorite tv show: Desperate Housewives
    odd things about me: I enjoy turbulent plane rides (it's sort of like a rollercoaster to me?)
    things that scares me: spiders, not being able to find someone who will want to marry me :sweatdrop:
    current obsessions: my quest for my HG :love:

    Can't wait to learn more about youu!
  2. I meant to put "..." after the "this is me"

    -- meaning, this thread is for all the chanel lovers on tPF! :yahoo:

    favorite brand:
    favorite drink:
    favorite food:
    favorite tv show:
    odd things about me:
    things that scares me:
    current obsessions:

    Copy and paste away!:p
  3. name: Lyndsey
    age: 25
    gender: Femme
    resides: Calgary
    occupation: Student
    favorite brand: Chanel (of course), Burberry, LV, Juicy Couture, Ella Moss, Splendid, Rachel Pally, YFandB, Ya-Ya...I looove to shop!
    hobbies: Shopping, Traveling, Gardening, Random Road Trips, Drinks with the girlies, Spending time with the b/f, Home décor, playing with my three bunnies
    favorite drink: Virgin Caesars (I can't handle my alcohol) ;)
    favorite food: Lobster
    favorite tv show: Heros
    odd things about me: I have OCD? I am always washing my hands LOL
    things that scares me: Anything that is uncertain, I am a control freak
    current obsessions: Handbags, Chanel Accessories, Charm bracelets
  4. name: Annie
    age: Almost 23... eep!
    gender: Femme!
    resides: Chicago
    occupation: Marketing Director of an architecture firm here in the Windy City
    favorite brand: Stuff I wear... Sretsis, Tracy Reese, 3.1 Philip Lim, Cynthia Steffe, Vince, Ya-Ya, Milly, Marc Jacobs, Robert Rodriguez, Theory, Tory Burch,
    hobbies: Traveling, reading, discovering great new restaurants, playing with my kitty
    favorite drink: Strawberries Wild smoothie from Jamba Juice... I am addicted!!!
    favorite food: Sushi... California definitely beats Chicago in the sushi department, unfortuantely.
    favorite tv show: I don't own a television
    odd things about me: Well, one of them is the above statement... people seem to find that odd.
    things that scares me: Anything awful happening to my parents
    current obsessions: Delicious cheeses from Whole Foods
  5. how can you not have a TV 2007- lol you must be online all the time
  6. Believe it or not, I find plenty of other things to do besides browse the internet.
  7. Name: withheld-too embarrased
    Age: 32
    Gender: F
    Resides: Chicago
    Occupation: Director of Catering - hotel
    Favorite Brand: right now Chanel, or Chloe
    Hobbies: tpf of course and shopping, oh and I am a magazine whore
    Favorite Drink: Mojitos
    Favorite Food: Sushi, and the perfect filet
    Favorite tv show: Greys,curb your enthusiasm, 24 -i watch a lot of tv
    Odd Things About Me: bad money manager
    Things that scare me: bad money management
    Current Obsession: quest to find a pair of flats for every possible occassion
  8. hehe, very cute. Nice to see another Chicagoan here!:yes:
  9. name: Victoria
    age: 23
    gender: Female
    resides: Chicago
    occupation: College Student (Senior)
    favorite brand: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, YSL, Gucci, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs
    hobbies: Writing poetry, playing basketball, spending money, and reading books on philosophy
    favorite drink: I love peach/strawberry smoothies, raspberry ice tea, cranberry vodkas, and passion fruit martinis
    favorite food: Italian and mexican food
    favorite tv show: King of queens, yes dear, the hills, and everybody loves raymond
    odd things about me: I can very random things sometimes and everything always has to be organized like if theres a stack of books or papers I will fix them so they are all straight. I also put labels facing me (water bottles and other drinks) lol Im a crazy perfectionist!things that scares me: Losing my loved ones
    current obsessions: Gellato, chanel necklaces, and I plan on buying some Louboutin shoes someday.
  10. name: Jannie
    age: 28
    resides: San Diego
    occupation: Analyst at hedge fund
    favorite brand: Chanel (haha), Sanrio stuff (now it's Cinnamoroll) - I know I'm too old!, Mulberry, Smythson of Bond Street for stationery,
    hobbies: reading, writing, playing piano/organ/flute, going on purse forum, surfing online in general, lazing,
    favorite drink: iced coffee/ watermelon juice
    favorite food: authentic chinese & malaysian food, seafood
    favorite tv show: none, but have been roped into reality shows
    odd things about me: talks to myself,
    things that scares me: lizards (ewwwwwwwww)
    current obsessions:nothing much, maybe another Chanel bag..haha
  11. name: catherine
    age: just turned 24....:shocked:
    gender: female
    resides: new york city
    occupation: merchandiser, Christian Dior
    favorite brand: CHANEL, helmut lang, philip lim, miu miu, lanvin, christian louboutins
    hobbies: traveling, shopping, dining, coffee with friends, horseback riding....
    favorite drink: iced coffee, vodka tonic, acai supercharger
    favorite food: sushi, french
    favorite tv show: grey's anatomy
    odd things about me: apt/work cubby needs to be super clean before i can concentrate on anything
    things that scares me: all insects, heights
    current obsessions: Chanel and louboutins
  12. -- meaning, this thread is for all the chanel lovers on tPF! :yahoo:

    name: Anh
    age: 24
    gender: gal
    resides: melbourne, Australia
    occupation: pharmacist...boring...
    hobbies: shopping!! reading, chilling with my pals
    favorite drink: malibu with pineapple juice :wlae:
    favorite food: indian
    favorite tv show: Heroes, Grey's Anatomy
    odd things about me: i have a big birth mark near my right knee :wtf:
    things that scares me: not being able to buy anymore bags...LOL but seriously, losing my family and friends
    current obsessions: splurging at Chanel boutique...i'm kinda over LV...heheh
  13. name:Maria
    gender: Female
    resides: Athens,Greece
    occupation:Marketing Manager
    favorite brand: Chanel, Chloe, Dior, Loubutin, Lanvin, Vince, Splendid, Ella Moss, Tibi, American Vintage, Sass and Bide, Trunk Ltd, Seven jeans, True Religion, Juicy
    hobbies: Shopping
    favorite drink: Kis Royal, Martini
    favorite food: Italian
    favorite tv show: Sex and the city, Gastinau Girls
    odd things about me: i just got my driving license (i was a bit late)
    things that scares me: death
    current obsessions: Chanel
  14. name:Liz
    age: Almost 25... eeps!
    gender: female
    resides: Suburbs of LA
    occupation: engineer
    favorite brands:
    bags - Chanel, LV
    clothes - marc by marc jacobs, juicy couture, theory, nanette lepore, elie tahari, splendid, c&c
    jeans - sfam, paige
    shoes - juicy couture, kors, coach, louboutins
    hobbies: shopping(!!), discovering new restaurants, nba
    favorite drink: various non-domestic beers, mojitos, sapphire/tonic
    favorite food: sushi, french
    favorite tv show: grey's anatomy, ugly betty, desperate housewives, 24
    odd things about me: i'm the most materialistic/high maintanence engineer you'll ever meet.
    things that scares me: insects, that bf will leave me when he lives the high life in NYC.
    current obsessions: Chanel, LV, Louboutins, nba playoffs
  15. That would be two of us:yes:... i am a medical engineer myself but work in my fathers business as a manager! Nobody imagines i have studied engineering:nogood:...