What is a broker? (customs thingy)

  1. I just got something from the US and seller sent it UPS -- I was charged a $40 'broker' fee. What the heck is that?
    Thanks =)
  2. :confused1: I've never heard of that.

    Have you asked the seller?

    If this "broker fee" of $40 wasn't included in the seller's listing, I would fight back with the seller or eBay. That's ridiculous!
  3. Ups has their own in-house broker. They just charged you that to get your item into the country. It's a fee that the seller could have paid or made you pay (duties and document fees, import charges). This is my husband talking lol. he was in exports for a long time :smile:
  4. A broker is all part of the fees of importing. I have a friend who imported antiques from England. You HAVE to hire a broker to get the items through customs. It can get quite expensive.
  5. I just checked back and glad I did! Learned something new!

    Thanks to dollyrusso and sckcs for the useful information.
  6. Been there, done that!:rant: UPS "broker" = highway robbery! In the future, if you buy something from US/overseas, ask sellers to ship using either EMS or USPS Global Priority. FedEx is great too (with NO brokerage fees, I might add!).
  7. EXACTLY! Never UPS to Canada. Ever.

    Broker fees are usually around $5.00 aren't they? Or is that the road fee?
  8. Canada Post only charges a $5 handling fee. That's it!
  9. Yah, they're usually not that much, but with UPS it the brokerage fee can be almost anything they call it. Sucks. My friend bought me a pair of shoes from eBay and had it sent over to my house as a surprise gift and the surprise to me was the UPS guy asking me for $70 to get my item. WTH. My "brokerage" fee was like $35 or something. Rip off.
  10. it can get expensive

  11. I thought Fed Ex was expensive too.

    I knew UPS would be expensive - I wasn't really paying attention when I bid - I thought it said USPS.:upsidedown: I thought I was getting a deal - not after all the fees :cursing:

    It was a cles worth $150. The same day I got some Shoes worth $250 shipped USPS and the total fee on that was $25. :tup:

    But what IS a broker - what the heck does 'he' do? (I remember getting stuff shipped to my school through FedEx and they called to ask if I had a broker - I was like - huh??)

    Also - How do I get a job like that at $40 a pop LOL

  12. your so cute Nyria.. lol.. had to say that, but i have no idea what the broker does either!
  13. Well - you are just no help at all!!! Just kidding ;) Thanks =)

    WOW - that's the best description possible -- thanks =)
  14. Looking for a career change? ;)