What is a "boyfriend" style jean?

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  1. I'm familiar with the Current/Elliot style called "boyfriend" but I thought it was unique to that line. Exactly what does that name refer to as it seems that other labels also make a "boyfriend"? Any other suggestions for a less expensive one than the Curreny/Elliot $220 pair?:smile:
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  3. American Eagle also has a 'boyfriend' jean.
  4. Basically they are more relaxed and cut to look like you are literally wearing your bf's jeans. Like bandersox said, they are everywhere right now. Good luck finding the pair you like!
  5. Before the days of low rise and mid rise jeans, a lot of women either wore their boyfriend's jeans or bought men's jeans in order not to have a waistline that came up to their ribs. Boyfriend jeans were the style that ushered in the other low rise styles. But, like men's jeans, they are usually a mid-rise style with a little more generous fit and a straight leg.