What is a better "mommy" bag? A nano or a trapeze?

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  1. I have small kids and I have been eyeing a burgundy nano or a souris trapeze. Is it foolish to get a bag that has suede on it? I usually carry a large wallet, sunglasses and keys. Maybe some other small knicknacks. Currently I have a Hermes Evelyene but its everywhere and I want something else that is durable and easy to use.
  2. I had a trapeze and returned it because although I loved the look of it, I just knew the clasp would drive me mad, since I am in and out of my bag all day long. It's not the kind of bag that you could leave open so each time you go in it, you have to stop, use 2 hands and balance it to be able to close it. I stupidly did not take that into consideration when I modeled it in the store and got a not so nice surprise when I got it home. Note to self: from now on, no matter how much you love something visually, examine the ins and outs before plopping down credit card! If you are juggling 2 small children I don't see how you could close the clasp, YMMV. The nano is good in that in has a long strap so you could put it cross body or on the shoulder, but I do not know how much actually fits in there having never had that size in my hands.
  3. Thanks for your input. I love the look of the trapeze too but it does seem like a hassle to open and close.
  4. I can attest as well to the aggravation of the closure. I just got my first trapeze after being used to a mini & a phantom. The trapeze is completely different. Not easy to go in & out of. I find myself dropping & pulling out items thru the wings just so I don't have to unclasp it & I def don't zip it either. If u have kids have u thought about the shoulder luggage?
  5. I agree with Genie. Although the trapeze is beautiful it is such a hassle to get in and out.
    I really think you should look into the shoulder so you can be hands free and hold both your kids hands :smile:
  6. I just realized you didn't mention how many kids you had. Iuno why I thought there was just two.
  7. I have both, and two small kids! Vote for nano!!!
  8. Nano!! If you can fit all your stuff... that's the problem of Celine bags, the most convenient bag is the smallest bag. Other bag either doesn't have a strap, too big to have a strap, or have a strap but difficult to access inside the bag! :smash:
  9. I have both too, and I will pick nano. Nano can fit quite stuff. and very handy. the trapeze is very pretty but the buckle closure sometime drives me nut. you really have to use 2 hands to close the bag, although I still love the trapeze . I don't have mini or phantom yet because with small kids, they are not convenient imo.
  10. they are both gorgeous , but as others said , nano is more practical especially if you usually don't carry lots of stuff
  11. i guess the nano then.. don't have it but been wanting one.. but im a mommy of a teenager and 2 young ones!
  12. I have two little ones, and I love the trapeze. I actually love that they can't open it and pull everything out!
  13. Agree the Trapeze is a pain to get in & out of but I still love mine....I don't have a Nano but that's only because its too small for me but I love it & if you want to be hands free then its the perfect bag.