What is a better blue for all year round - Blue India or the Bleu Glacier?

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  1. Which blue do you think is an all year round blue and is likely to go with more? I am leaning towards the Blue India, however I saw pics of the Bleu Glacier and now I am confused.

    Its a twiggy I am getting.....

  2. I am inclined to say blue india. BG seems more like a spring color to me.
  3. i am totally biased, but i think BI also. i love BI, esp. for spring, but it can be worn during fall and winter just the same. well, at least i use mine year round.
  4. having seen both IRL, I'd reccomend blue india. Glacier is also gorgeous but india is a little more versatile because of it's dusty "signature".
  5. blue india.
  6. Blue India ... no question about it in my mind!!! :yes:
  7. Another vote for Bi!
  8. I vote for BG because is has a bit of a grey undertone to it and think it would transition nicely between heat and cool months
  9. I vote for Bleu Glacier.:yes:

    For a long time i was torn between BI and BG. They are both beautifull colors !
    but i think BG will be better to accomodate with clothes all the year. This color is sweet, chic with gorgeous undertones.
    BI is more a turquoise blue, perfect for hot season.
    I bought BG few days ago and i'm in love:love:.

    :dots: VOTE BG !!!
    photo 009.jpg
  10. Blue India :biggrin:
  11. BI... carried mine today
  12. BG is more grey, BI is more blue. i have BI, and love it. it can go with dark and light coloured outfit beautifully, it gives more neutral colours an extra pop for colour without being too loud nor to quiet. it whispers with a wink.
  13. Blue India - definitely
  14. BI!!! Perfect year round color! Amazing!!!!!!!
  15. Have you considered the Marine or Navy for a year-round bag? IMHO, I think the more vibrant blues are great for Spring and Summer... but again, I'll settle for any blue Bbag at this point ;)