what is a b-bag girl like? this is me...

  1. name: jules
    gender: :cutesy:
    resides: san fran, cali
    occupation: RN
    favorite brand: marc jacobs for clothes, balenciaga for bags, and louis vuitton for accessories.
    hobbies: snowboarding, robots, traveling, sewing, reading, anything japanese, and shopping if it is considered a hobby.
    favorite drink: ice tea
    favorite food: french fries and sushi
    favorite tv show: project runway
    odd things about me: i don't drink/smoke/do drugs/gamble. i guess most people expects me to do at least one. i like to sneeze.
    things that scares me: ebay and scary movies.
    current obsessions: wearing dresses and LV luggages.
  2. name: Beaux
    age: ;)
    gender: F
    resides: washington, DC!
    occupation: Artist/Professor
    favorite brand: marc jacobs for clothes, balenciaga for bags
    hobbies: photography, cooking, collecting, antiques
    favorite drink: glaceau fruit water
    favorite food: I can't pick just one thing!
    favorite tv show: dog whisperer
    odd things about me: -
    things that scares me: fake bags
    current obsessions: B-bags (of course), cookware, vintage clothing
  3. name: NooN
    age: 30s
    gender: F
    resides: SF Bay Area
    occupation: Direct Marketer
    favorite brand: BALENCIAGA!!!
    hobbies: Golfing, Skiing, Reading, Shopping!
    favorite drink: Water
    favorite food: Thai
    favorite tv show: Too many
    odd things about me: -
    things that scares me: Untrustful people
    current obsessions: BALENCIAGA!!!

  4. name: M
    age: 23
    gender: F
    resides: Hawaii
    occupation: artist / student
    favorite brand: Balenciaga for bags, PRADA for shoes, everything else for clothes
    hobbies: music, designing clothing, tattoos, gallery hopping, collecting vintage shoes, purses, jewlery and clothing
    favorite drink: diet coke
    favorite food: green curry
    favorite tv show: Rockstar: Supernova (right now), usually Entourage
    odd things about me: I've never seen snow
    things that scare me: tour buses
    current obsessions: MAC makeup, black nailpolish, Lukas, bbags
  5. :upsidedown:
    : Michelle
    age: 21
    gender: female
    resides: Indiana, go to school in St. Louis
    occupation: student of comparative literature and Russian language (I graduate in May 2007! then off to grad school, hopefully)
    favorite brand: well, I guess I'll have to base this on design because I don't actually own much... obviously I love Balenciaga bags, but I also love Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs, and the occasional stroke of genius from other designers. As far as clothes... I shop a lot at Torrid
    hobbies: admiring design, reading, being an audiophile, travel, drink sampling at every possible establishment now that I'm 21
    favorite drink: margaritas, iced tea
    favorite food: I love all kinds, and I only have a few items I won't eat (namely, peas and bananas)
    favorite tv show: What Not to Wear, Grey's Anatomy, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report
    odd things about me: I feel like a troll sometimes as I haven't had the privilege yet of owning a Balenciaga (I'm working on it as a graduation gift). But I've learned so much!
    things that scares me: heights, when people act carelessly near railings where there would be a significant drop, never being successful
    current obsessions: Balenciaga, the MJ Hudson, dolma green, GREs/graduate school
  6. name: Katherine (Kat, please!)
    age: 19
    gender: female
    resides: LA girl at heart but I go to school in NorCal (go bears! Berkeley anyone?)
    occupation: student and lover of Balenciaga bags :love:
    favorite brand: In a perfect world, I would open my closet and see rows of True Religion and J brand Jeans. I :heart: jeans! (Like every other college student in the world!) I scrimp and save every $1 for my balenciaga addiction but I would love to get into Chanel someday. So classic!
    hobbies: reading anything and everything, shopping (even if its just window shopping!), drinking overpriced coffee at cafes late at night, and living fashionably.
    favorite drink: iced green tea and water, if you're my mother. If you're not- I looooooooove Skyy vodka & Absolut Mandarin.
    favorite food: everything. I'm easy to please- especially if its really spicy, really salty, really sweet, or.. well you get my drift. :P
    favorite tv show: Sex and the City and the Simpsons.
    odd things about me: I'm a bundle of contradictions. Really. Um and I cuddle with my b-bags? haha but who doesn't??
    things that scares me: bugs, snakes, heights (to a point), failure
    current obsessions: Balenciaga (specifically, a white b-bag!! must. have.), LV inclusion bracelets (I want one! I need one! I want one! I need one! lol this could go on forever), my boyfriend, working out, and the colors grey, white, and black for fall!
  7. Fun thread!!
    name: Kathryn
    age: 28
    gender: female
    resides: Canada
    occupation: physician (psychiatry)
    favorite brand: My top faves are Hermes, Chanel, Balenciaga and LV for bags, and Theory, Nanette Lepore and Chanel for clothes.
    hobbies: Travel, travel and more travel! I also like shopping, cooking, reading and hiking
    favorite drink: chocolate martini for alcoholic drinks, and Starbucks non-fat chai latte for non-alcoholic
    favorite food: Sushi!!
    favorite tv show: Prison Break, Law and Order
    odd things about me: I'm incredibly cheap when it comes to stuff like parking but go all out on stuff like jewerly and bags.
    things that scares me: guns, dark alleys
    current obsessions: Chanel and Hermes, studying for my boards!
  8. I have yet to buy my first balenciaga but they are my favorite bags so i want to post too

    name: Angelie
    age: 21 turning 22 next month
    gender: female
    resides: vancouver
    occupation: makeup artist and SA at my dads indian bridal shop
    favorite brand: clothing-Nanette Lepore bags-balenciaga and fendi shoes christian louboutin and marc by marc jacobs
    hobbies: reading fashion magazines, reading chick lit, shopping, going on the net, watching movies, giving ppl fashion advice
    favorite drink: henry weinhardt root beer, nestea iced tea
    favorite food: sushi and veggie noodle soup
    favorite tv show: Gilmore Girls, OC, Desperate Housewives and Indian soaps
    odd things about me: I get excited over really small stupid stuff. I've never been on a date cuz i'm not comfortable around the other sex (i keep my distance), I've never ever tried a ciggy, drink, drugs or anything of that sort
    things that scares me: heights, being raped,
    current obsessions: Balenciaga, Christian Louboutin's
  9. name: Andi
    age: 36
    gender: female
    resides: Denver
    occupation: Interior Designer
    favorite brand: clothing - no one particular designer, bags - balenciaga, shoes - Lanvin and French Sole
    hobbies: shopping, antique collecting, reading interior and fashion magazines, and spending lots of time with my baby girl Rini
    favorite drink: Margarita
    favorite food: Indian, Turkish, and Greek
    favorite tv show: What not to Wear, What you get for the money
    odd things about me: While I love hanging out with my friends, I also love my solitude. I love when my husband travels on business because I enjoy some time alone every now and again.
    things that scares me: terrorism
    current obsessions: Balenciaga and collecting vintage french linens
  10. name: Sal
    age: 32 - yikes, coming up to 33!
    gender: female
    resides: The Hague, Netherlands but am Australian
    occupation: Stay at home Mum
    favorite brand: Clothing: Turnover Bags: Balenciaga Shoes: Birkenstocks (I know, I know)
    hobbies: Reading, shopping
    favorite drink: Coffee, Wine
    favorite food: Sushi, Toast
    favorite tv show: Top Gear (Car Show), Eastenders
    odd things about me: I can burp the alphabet
    things that scares me: Heights, cockroaches, sometimes my children
    current obsessions: Finding the perfect winter boot
  11. age: 27
    gender: female
    resides: So. Cal
    occupation: RN
    favorite brand: sorry i can't name just one
    hobbies: pilates, snowboarding, mtn biking, reading
    favorite drink: ice tea sweetened w/ equal
    favorite food: sushi
    favorite tv show: House, prison break, Project runway, so you think you can dance, etc
    odd things about me: I am compulsive about sheets
    things that scares me: spiders
    current obsessions: stila lipgloss
  12. name: Tanja
    age: 33
    gender: woman
    resides: Munich, Germany
    occupation: Networkoperations Coordinator with Discovery Channel, doing my B.A for economics at night school
    favorite brand: for bags: BALENCIAGA and Chloe, cloths: more&more, DvF and TSE for sweaters
    hobbies: Reading, Shopping, Travelling and Pilates/Yoga
    favorite drink: Almdudler (Austrian herb lemonade)
    favorite food: Indian, Greek, Thai, Wiener Schnitzel
    favorite tv show: Gilmore Girls and Monk
    odd things about me: I'm obsessed with leather bags
    things that scares me: The nasty nature of Ebay, spiders
    current obsessions: BALENCIAGA
  13. name Dale
    age 30s
    gender F
    resides Vancouver
    occupation used to be a Chemical Engineer, now a stay-at-home mom of 2 boys
    favorite brand clothing-Gap, bags-Balenciaga and LV
    hobbies singing, aerobics, sewing, reading
    favorate drink root beer
    favorate food Japanese, Italian
    favorate TV show I don't have a chance to watch too much adult programming. I have been watching a lot of Transformers cartoons recently :P
    odd things about me I love to be organized
    things that scare me spiders, if anything happened to my boys
    current obsessions my next Bbag in Blue India!
  14. name: Catherine
    age:33 11/12
    gender: F
    resides: East Bay, CA
    occupation: Accounting Analyst
    favorite brand: Bags - Balenciaga; Clothes - all kinds (for jeans I like Armani Exchange and Old Navy)
    hobbies: Travelling, movies, shopping, photography, reading...
    favorite drink: Mocha Java from Surf City Squeeze
    favorite food: Filipino/Thai/Chinese/Italian/Japanese (aw heck, I like them all!) :P
    favorite tv show: Gilmore Girls
    odd things about me: I have an irrational fear of pigeons.
    things that scares me: see comment above
    current obsessions: Bbags and digital cameras
  15. name: Anne
    age: 40-odd
    gender: F
    resides: Sydney, Australia via East Bay, CA
    occupation: Investment Analyst
    favorite brand: Clothing: Dries Van Noten, Lanvin, Rick Owens, True Religion jeans. Bags: Balenciaga of course, Marc Jacobs, the Jimmy Choo Ramona bag, Prada/Miu Miu (etc)
    hobbies: Yoga, exercise, reading, going to movies
    favorite drink: Espresso
    favorite food: Thai, Indian, Modern Australian
    favorite tv show: Little Britain
    odd things about me: I feel like I lead a double life: boho yogini / suit-wearing office professional
    things that scare me: hidden agendas
    current obsessions: Handbags, clothing (no surprises here)