What interests a Chanel lover?

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  1. I mean besides shopping of course! We know all about each others bag obsession but what else do you like to do?

    ~I love to read (harry potter included:p), sit on the beach and tan, enjoy a nice red wine, swim, and "sometimes" go to the gym. Oh and I love to see movies or theatre, How could I almost forget that?
  2. poo, nobody wants to play.
  3. I also love to read all kinds of books and (glossy) magazines, including US magazines. Not all of the US magazines are available over here in Europe, so if you like to send me some, please don't hesitate :graucho:

    Love sleeping, walking the dog, chat with my cat, browsing the internet, going out for dinner with friends. I used to go to a lot of concerts, but not too many lately. Last one I went to see was George Michael's. Love to see movies, I still haven't seen Ocean's Thirteen, shame on me. I have been too busy, so I'm probably gonna catch it on DVD.

    My favorite drinks are Coca Cola Light (Diet) and Prosecco wine.

    And of course I love shopping! Especially in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris and London.
  4. My favorite thing to do is to sleep and relax...but of course my girls will never let me do that in peace. Besides that, I love to watch all kind of scary movies, esp. the japanese and korean ones! Coke is my all time favorite drink...a must have to start off my day. Besides that, I love to drink tropical ice tea, sit on my favorite sofa and read my magazines( fashion, gardening, once in a while, cooking ones)
  5. If I can't list shopping..:p then next would be movies. I like to read but somehow that hardly ever happens (toddler in the house!). I also love the 'net!!! shopping, emailing and most importantly RESEARCH!!! (about shopping, vacations, spas etc!!!) But I like to call it research so I at least sound like I am doing something important!
    I also love to travel but have cut back on this in the past year because of the baby- now we go to more 'normal' vacation spots. We used to go on pretty adventurous trips...ah well, in a few years when the little one gets old enough!!!

    Oh and my drink is Diet Coke (but Coke Light is better!!!)
  6. other than shopping, travel is my next passion
  7. tPF!!!!!! duh~! :graucho::heart:

    there are so much thing i used to like to do......but i have 20mo old daughter and i also work full time....(we take her to work with us every single day).....so i forgot what's out there to do.... i'll get my "free" time back to enjoy myself in the future, i'm sure.....until then, tPF keeps me busy after she goes to sleep at night!!! lol
  8. I love to just shop in general lol. I love myspacing and going on the internet (I'm such a computer geek sometimes). I love reading, I'm currently also reading Harry Potter lol.

    I'm starting college in the fall so I'm excited for that as well.
  9. I love travelling because I can do shopping while i am travelling:graucho:
  10. Traveling!
  11. I just love to shop in general - LOL!!!

    floating in my pool -which I hardly have time for :sad:


    redecorating my house

    hoping to travel more .....
  12. I like to travel, but haven't traveled much these days as my husband work schedule is quite hectic. I also like reading (mostly classics), listening to classical music, trying new restaurants, and drinking wines.
  13. oh...pedicures, good one. That's my "ME" time!
  14. I go to NYC Broadway shows often, I'm a huge movie buff, I love to travle when I can and when I can pull myself away from work. I love chillin out with my tow pups, and I love the casinos and I love to play bingo (and I am only middle aged...LMAO). I only drink diet soda and water.....and YES.....I am a huge Harry Potter fan too! The last book rocks!
  15. I love posting on message boards that I'm a member of. I also LOVE LOVE scrapbooking and as a result I adore photography (though I'm pretty much a point and shoot girl right now, I hope to take classes someday and get even better). I love to read and watch movies, and am addicted to stupid celebrity gossip magazines like "In Touch" and "Life & Style". I also love my fashion magazines, but I'm a plus size so I can't really wear anything that's in them. *sniffle*

    Other than that I adore jewelry and gemstones and considered becoming a gemologist someday, and I adore crystals. I have large quartz clusters and points all over the place. Just adore them.