What inspired you to get your first LV?

  1. For me, I was in soho and saw this gorgeous asian girl wearing a long flowy white cotton dress, bangles and designer sunnies walking her pug. She was clutching the very lovely Monogram French Purse. After seeing her I just HAD to get an LV :nuts:!!! What about you?
  2. I love them for the history and the quality:yes:
  3. interesting question - it really brings one back.

    I had been seeing women walking about with Speedies - while I knew they were expensive I was intrigued that they were "just going about their errands" with the expensive bag.

    After that, I went to the web site and then elux to look for the one I wanted.

    I bought my Damier Alma (and even asked my girlfriend who worked at Neiman's to get me a discount).

    So it was a special brand, special bag, special friend..though with all my purchases now, I pay full price.....
  4. An issue of Vogue circa 2002-2003. I saw a picture of a white MC Alma and fell in love. When I had the money, I took myself straight to the LV store!
  5. i saw jessica simpson on newly weds with her MC speedy and it was love at first site.

  6. Damier Alma was my first LV baby too...and my favorite!!
  7. Well I never knew what LV was and I kept seeing people walk around with them by the University over here and I looked it up one day and saw all the beautiful styles and HAD to have one!

    It was the Speedy 30, 2 years ago
  8. It got me too :idea:
  9. I saw the white MC speedy and I just loved the way it looked. Unfortunately I could not afford that one, so after a while, I began to admire others, as well, and my first bag I could afford was the pochette!
  10. Same here, and funny thing is I don't think I would ever ever get a MC speedy now that I can get one. I actually don't really care for the MC unless it's in an accessory or a small bag like a Pochette, Shirley or rift. I only like the white mc and only in small quantities.

    Soon after I "feel in love" with Jessica's mc speedy I started to look into LV and I was determined to get a white MC speedy one of these days. I'm now glad I waited and decided to go with bags that are timeless and I feel will always be in style.

    Now now, I'm not saying the MC isn't timeless and "in style" but for me personally I got over them, where I don't see this happening with the mono, damier, epi.... etc.
  11. I kept seeing ladies with Mono canvas bags and I fell in love!
  12. I saw my cousin with her mono Blois in her miss sixty jeans, t-shirt, Gucci sunnies, and her 'superstar' 1000$ haircut....... yup.... she worked it lol
  13. my dad bought me my first LV, which was the white Multicolore Pochette Accessoires, for my 19th birthday, and after that i slowly learned about LV, and just came to love it. so it was my dad who inspired me, really :lol:
  14. Actually, Audrey Hepburn inspired me in the movie called, Charades. I love that movie and she has wonderful style and class. Also, I remember seeing many girls with the classic monogrammed speedy. I ultimately ended up with the damier speedy because I love that is doesn't have the logo all over. I think my next purchase may be the classic monogrammed speedy or the mini lin speedy in 25.
  15. It was actually this forum that sold me on LV. I had looked at LV bags on Elux, but I wasn't really sure if I would like them or not. I found and joined this forum after purchasing my first high end bag (not LV). After seeing everyone's pics and feeling all the enthusiasm for LV, I just had to have something. I needed a new wallet at the time, so I bought myself an LV wallet. I love that wallet. Thanks, guys!