What info do I need for CC company?

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  1. I have to send back a fake LV handbag I received, that is the only way I will get my money back from the cc company.My question is how do I send it back? I know I need a tracking number and the cc company told me to get a return receipt is there anything else I need to do to make sure this seller gets her fake a** bag back? I am afraid if I get a signature confirmation she isn't going to sign for it. She has not answered any of my emails or the paypal dispute. I'm hoping once I ship it back that it is out of my hands.
  2. Your cc company has told you to return it or Paypal?
  3. My cc company.
  4. So what happened with the Paypal dispute? Did it get closed? It's just that you should be following Paypals procedures if you are claiming via them.