What influences you to sell your H bags?

  1. I am thinking about what to do with H bags that I haven't used in a year or more. Do you follow the rule that if you haven't used something in a year you need to find a new home for it?

    Also, what if you just bought a bag within the last few months and you don't like it...what do you do?

    I guess with me though I sold my black box Kelly 32cm rigide and now I wish I had it again. Maybe I want it because I'm getting older or possibly it's because I'm witnessing how so many PF members love the black box Kellys.
  2. LH, if you didnt use the BBK, you did the right thing. I want one like mad, but I know I would not use it until I have a complete lifestyle overhaul!!

    If you feel like you need and would use a BBK, then you can quest for another, but only because you love it, not the rest of us. We love so many bags!!!!

    But if you have something that you have not used, but you still :heart: :heart: :heart: and could foresee using (in my case the occasions simply do not arise!), then I would say keep it!

    If you dont like it, that is another matter entirely. Out with the old, in with the new!! It may be somebodys dream bag!
  3. If you're not using certain bags and don't see yourself using them in the future, I'd sell them for funds to buy a bag you would use. I know it's hard to sell a bag you're attached to, but it doesn't do any good sitting in the closet when it could have the potential to go to someone who'll love it and use it everyday.
  4. CobaltBlu...you are too funny! I need a lifestyle overhaul too and at least a date to take me places...LOL! But anyway, I am enjoying my black ostrich Kelly and will use it to go everywhere...Heck...I paid too much money for it to sit in the closet. So out it will go to Costco, Wendy's, the park, whathaveyou.

    I know it's very difficult to let go sometimes of these gorgeous bags!!
  5. Unfortunately due to the nature of Hermes I've purchased many bags and then subsequently sold them. The main reason was not knowing about this forum. I just saw items and called the store and gave my credit card without ever really being able to "try it on" and then found that they just didn't work. Reasons for selling for me have been colors being all wrong for my wardrobe once I got the bag home. In this case I tried to carry the bags but just felt super uncomfortable or the bags just stayed in the closet. I've made errors with size of bags too. Sometimes you just don't know till you get something home and incorporate it into your life.

    Sometimes I've loved the style but just have duplicates (sold my vintage Kelly due to that reason) and or the style just isn't working (a Picotin and Massai GM I bought and sold).

    I feel I am a work in progress and as I mature/change my desires and likes change too so the collection is ever evolving. I hate having things go to waste and find that its easier to just sell it than give it to one family member and risk getting others pissed or jealous. Unless its my Mom and then she always has first dibs on my stuff.
  6. ValleyOppressed....you're right too. I need the funds right now to pay for my recent damages...LOL!
  7. Thanks gazoo...that's a good way to look at it...work in progress. My desires and likes are constantly changing.
    I remember when I was so happy with my only black Station Coach bag for ten years! Now, I'm a basket case...LOL. I do the same thing as you...buying over the phone and not really knowing what I want till I get the bag home. With sizes of bags...my likes are changing all the time...where is that old Coach station bag?
  8. ^^ I agree. My life was simpler when I carried Dooney and Bourke but now I shudder when I see them. I am gratefully Hermes-neurotic!!
  9. I know isn't it crazy?
  10. I've said this before but I am truly envious of the gals on the forum that know exactly what they want and when they buy it, it just works perfectly for them. I, on the other hand, just don't seem to know until I have lived with a bag for a little while. I definitely make mistakes with color, size, style, leather...oh, the list goes on! But I do take it as a work in progress and if something really isn't working for me, out it goes to make room for something that (hopefully) will!
  11. I sold my little vintage brown box Constance to help fund my Rouge H box Birkin. Constance was a lovely bag but I didn't use it and needed it to fund the Birkin. It was my first H bag so it had some sentimental value. I got more than I paid for it and it went to someone who loves it! Constance is now living in Milan which is better than her being at the back of my closet. Also better to me to have that Birkin bought and paid for. That is the best reason for selling H bags.
  12. lovehermes, I'd rather have my seldom used Hermes bags slumbering away in my closet than in someone else's closet. I find that I know right away (after buying the darned thing) if a bag isn't for me, and do try to sell it then. What's tougher is how to deal with the drop-dead gorgeous bags that are right for me but seldom get to see the light of day. I've got a couple of evening bags that are wonderful with the right outfits and when the stars are aligned just so . . .

    I definitely ignore that one year rule and just keep what I love. Right now, I'm trying to decide between two Black 32cm Sellier Kellys - one Box Calf and the other Porosus Croc. And the one I love most seems to change with the wind.

    Now, about that Black Box Kelly I'll just caution you against duplicating your Black Ostrich Kelly. They aren't terribly different from one another.
  13. ^^what good advice you are getting! I feel like such a neophite compare with the ladies here.
  14. That's true Millstream. I think you should keep your two 32cm black Kellys...they are gorgeous!! :idea:
  15. I only sold mine 'cause I needed the $$$. :sweatdrop: But after narrowing my collection to 4 bags (1 H, 1 LV, 1 Coach, 1 D&B) I feel less cluttered and I use my remaining H bag all the time now and can really enjoy it! :wlae: