What, in your opinion, makes a bag look "cheap"?

  1. For me it's white topstitching. There are a lot of inexpensive purses that have great lines, but when I see the white topstitching it it a total turn-off. I don't know what it is about it. A lot of Hermes bags have white topstitching, and they don't look cheap (still wouldn't buy it though), but it just seems to makes a cheap bag look cheaper...IMO.
  2. haha i love white topstitching, i think it gives a casual look to a bag and looks fab when worn with the topstitching color esp. white lol.

    I think patent bags can look cheap it depends on the design
    I dont like bags with too many details, clean lines always look best
    excess and OTT monograms, some are nice others are blagh
    excess hardware, chains and bling
    3 or more colors (in significant amounts) on a bag, esp. bright primary colors i.e. (i know i will get flamed for this) LV MC
  3. I agree about the white or contrasting (doesn't have to be white) topstitching, but I don't think that adding zeros to the price tag lessens the effect.

    The other thing that leaps immediately to mind are visible company logos.
  4. I totally agree about white topstitching. I just don't like white stitching in general; it's one of the problems I have with a lot of otherwise cute Coach bags.

    I also think bright shiny zippers make bags look cheap, too.
  5. excessive silver/gold "bling" on the bag...big EW (to me)

    shiny/plastic-y look...to me it looks like cheap plastic/pleather

    I know many on this board are anti-logo, but I think SOME logos flatter the bag, others cheapen...esp FAKE logos!
  6. Monograms and that 'bling' thing... dear God.
  7. I like white topstitching. Tods uses it a lot on the bags and shoes and I am a big fan or both. Lambertson Truex also uses it a lot and these are my 2 favorite designers.

    I think monograms look 'cheap', too many colors, too busy a bag, too many tassles, big heavy hardware and most of all poor stitching!
  8. If the designers name is splashed all over it it looks cheap (no, NOT LV Mono, somehow that's just classy, and things like Coach - nothing wrong with it! Think Dolce&Gabbana. They often put their initials on stuff in a HUGE size).

    And I don't like glittery stuff, or very bright colors, or studs...
    That's why I hated LV MC, but I'm starting to like that one though, because it's not that 'cheap', it is girly and cheery.
  9. Suede without a good nap - I just saw the Dooney & Bourke suede hobos and the suede looks flimsy.

    I have to laugh at myself, My Tod's bag does have white (or off-white) topstitching. I would like it better if it didn't!:p
  10. I agree with the white stitching, patent leather (some) and monogram bags. Too much hardware can make a bag look cheap also. I think if bags don't have soft, supple leather or structured, tough leather then it can look cheap. Anything too flimsy or shiny can make the leather look fake.
  11. I hate bags with fur or fluff on them
  12. I don't like it when a bag has patchwork on it. I think it makes it looked homemade or something.

    I like metallics, but not when they are too shiny and loud.

    I like the more understated monograms. When the monograms are too big, to me it makes it look cheap.

  13. I have owned bags that had contrast stitching other colors, and that looked okay, but stark white contrast stitching doesn't look so good. I like bold hardware, but I hate hardware that has rhinestones, studs, or any other type of bling on it. I also hate fur bags. I love fur on coats, gloves, hats, and scarves, but not bags! It looks cheap no matter what.
  14. Fakes! I think that fakes look cheep.

    I read somewhere that only 1% of all LV bags are real. Nothing looks bad like a fake.
  15. Do you mean cheap or tacky? Some people are saying large logos and monogram, but does that literally cheapen the look of a bag, or just makes it look gaudy and tacky? I have LV monogram on a bag and I don't think it looks cheap or less expensive at all. Anyway, just trying to differentiate.

    To me, what makes a bag look cheap is fake leather and vinyl material, and also certain dull brass hardware makes a bag look cheap, or in general when the hardware is a low quality metal and doesn't seem sturdy. And of course fakes look cheap, especially Chanel fakes- they look so horrible, like in the Cambon line... what a shame! It just looks like plastic, and is nothing compared to the real ones.