What in your opinion is the best city for clothes shopping?

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  1. I love Shanghai, NYC and London as there is so much variety in style and price, I could shop all day everywhere from markets to high end boutiques.

    In London, Petticoat Lane market, Zara and Chanel is my perfect day of shopping!

    In Shanghai Xian Tian De

    In NYC Greenwich Village and 5th
  2. I like Soho, New York

    I really liked Vienna, 1st District, Austria

    All the major cities in East Asia is like one big shopping mall....
  3. I like midtown Manhattan, San Francisco around Union Square, New and Old Bond Streets in London, Via Condotti in Rome, Hong Kong, and anywhere at all in Paris!
  4. Chicago, London, and Tokyo (Shebuya and Harajuku areas)
  5. I agree with Tocca, anywhere in Paris! 5th Avenue (I always find the best things at the Versace on 5th). Rodeo Drive and Bal harbour village in Miami is great!!
  6. San Francisco Union Square and Haight
    Doutonbori in Osaka, Japan
    Hong Kong
    Las Vegas
  7. San Francisco (Union Square, Union Street, Chestnut Street, Haight, etc...)
    NYC (obviously)
  8. London !! lots of cool high street fashions all packed in different areas.

    (Paris, appart from the luxury brands I don´t know where to go, not really interesting...)
  9. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong --- there are unique boutiques all over these great cities.
  10. how about the shopping capital of Asia.. Hong Kong...
  11. Boston. Tax Free.
  12. New York or Paris. They both have such diverse collections of great stores that run the gamut from high-end to low-end.
  13. I would have to go with New York City!
  14. Venice, Paris, Manhattan, London (Bond Street), Tokyo and Osaka, Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong ... Montreal is good, too!
  15. D.c.