What in the !?@#...Would you ever buy one of those?

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  2. Or, in the same criminally inclined inspiration,one of its sisters?



  3. Seriously, were did you get this? I know some corrections employees and LE who would go nuts over this stuff; especially that handcuff and gun bag. Just their kinda thing.
  4. Hahahaa, I just added the knife one to my "wishlist" pinterest page a couple of days ago :biggrin:

    But seriously, I think also depends on where you're going to use that... Some people (especially in the US) can be really touchy about those I think.
  5. After all the school shootings, taking those clutches (especially the gun bag) to school can be a bad idea. I would never buy any of those. Period. People are going to look at me and freak out thinking I have a real weapon in there. :sad: And I can bet the cops will be all over me in an instant.

    No thanks.
  6. Those are designed by VLIEGER&VANDAM from the Guardian Angel collection,I kid you not.

    Having worked in the justice system,and sat in court close to (later) convicted dangerous criminals,the clutches rub me all kind of wrong ways.

    I can't imagine anyone actually buying and carrying one.
    ...but we all know a bunch of airheads will.

    I can picture the scene at any airport anywhere in the world:

    ''OMG, she's got a gun!!:panic: ruuun!!!

    Ma'am,put your hands up,and don't move!
    And slowly drop your handbag to your feet.:shocked:

  7. :roflmfao: but seriously..:wtf:
  8. Oh, yeah....some hard core career law enforcement individuals love any kind of doo-dads that have to do with their profession. I own one small handcuff necklace; you really can't tell that it's all handcuffs until linked together unless you look at it closely. That's enough for me. Anything else seems.... well, S & M ish.
  9. These bags are very populair in Denmark.

    I think it's very offensive to call people who buy these for airheads.
  10. I like the one with cuffs
  11. rihanna's been seen wearing that. and i actually like the bag series, i don't have or use a gun and i am against violence but i don't see anything wrong with these, it's just a bag, fashion.
    R26.jpeg vv.jpeg
  12. me too :greengrin:
  13. Same here :cool:
  14. I think it would really only work with people who look the least likely to carry a gun/knife...like a celebrity.
  15. Never catch me with one. Ugh!