what in the world!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Counterfeiters are trying to branch out, creatively ?
  3. I laughed so hard when that picture popped up I damn near wet my pants.
    This must be one of those limited edition LV's :lol: :nuts: .
  4. seriously...eBay is highly entertaining!!!
  5. Good lord...
  6. I had heard that the LV denim collection was coming out in pink and green, but I don't think this is it... yeesh! :sick:
  7. It's actually cute but sadly it's a fake.
  8. Roflmaopmp!
  9. Wow! I laughed so hard at this, I have to go and change!!! LOL! Talk about creative.....Just like the bag in the back of the pic on the left hand side.....
  10. :lol: I guess so.
  11. You need to get a pair of these hot boots to match that bag!!

  12. Omg... ha ha ha!!! :blink::lol:

  13. :Push:
  14. Lmao!!!
  15. Time to call the fashion police. Im sure theres already warrants out !
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