What in the world??!?!?!

  1. haha I found those both the other day. Thats what we get for snooping the drilldown :smile:
  2. I love how the tape measure says "Do your handy work in style" and "For a guy who has it all".. haha.. first of all I don't think I would trust a handy man with a Coach tape measure.. second.. my boyfriend would DIE LAUGHING if I ever gave that to him!!!!
  3. That tape measure is hilarious :roflmfao: I guess they will try and sell anything to make a buck. :p
  4. I think the tape measure is really cute! It's a smaller one -- for women, I think. I think it would be really handy to carry around. :yes:
  5. lol wow!
  6. OMG hilarious!!
  7. I have at least 5 tape measures...maybe more and I always loose them. Maybe with a Coach tape measure I could actually remember where I set it down last!
  8. Umm that's pretty hard core...
  9. You know, yesterday someone said to search on Coach.com w/ an "a" and you would get a bunch of stuff that wasn't on the main pages....really cool trick, don't remember who told me, but I saw those tape mearsures there, and I was like WHAT????? I assumed they were for body measurements or something. I can't imagine a handyman having a COACH tape measure! I should get one for my grandfather, he's always building stuff...HAHA..he'd be like WTF??
  10. Haha. I wonder how many they have sold so far.
  11. Haha! That is totally random!
  12. Ha, me too! I can never put my hands on one when I need to. Still, whenever I see the tape measure on Coach.com I think "huh?". I never even noticed the mouse pad before.
  13. Heeheehee... "Mine's a REAL Coach tape measure... yours is obviously fake.. see the stitching?"
  14. Too funny! :lol: