What in the WORLD is going ON?????

  1. Ok girls, I'm back from my vacation, it was absolutely wonderful and I am excited to see what is NEW and WONDERFUL in the world of HANDBAGS!!! Who's bought what ?? What's happened in the week I've been gone ?? Tell me!!:nuts:
  2. I commited $6000+ worth of impulse buy on bags within last week. That's my update.:P
  3. :wtf: Yikes!!
  4. I know, tell me about it:Push: . There's always the return policy.
  5. Heheheee!!! That's it! But hopefully you can talk yourself in to keeping evrything!
  6. I've returned a few things but got some killer new shoes...AND...first Chloe is on its way - yay!!
  7. :yahoo::nuts::yahoo:
  8. You probably don't know who I am, but I finally found a bag that STAYS on my apparently defective shoulders(:yahoo: ), and I'm hoping it'll be here by the end of the week (they didn't have any more in the store and, for some bizarre reason, were unable to locate another and said it was a limited edition when it isn't, so I just ordered it online:P ).
  9. Oooh, what bag is it? Curious mind wants to know!
  10. Nothing too major. Just the Coach Soho Tweed Small Hobo Coach - New COACH SOHO TWEED SMALL HOBO in blue. It's just so pretty and shimmery, and I loved the way it looked on me. I tried it on for the heck of it in the store and it miraculously stayed on my shoulder, so I took it as a sign that I should get it:P .
  11. Oh!! It's so cute!! Congrats!

    Anyone else have any newwww goodies to share???
  12. Thanks:flowers:
  13. I have been VERY BAD..LMAO.....Prada stocks have gone up 75 % with my purchases..LOL.....
  14. OooooWeeeee!!!! Bad girl!!!:yahoo:
  15. Hey-welcome home-how's your hole doing?