What in the Heck is This??

  1. It's a fake Frankie but it's so bad that it kinda looks like a Sienna. We saw that once before in an auction.
    But it doesn't really follow all the Frankie rules either. What's with the braid and the luggage tag hanging off the O ring?
    This guy sold a Chloe Edith for 200 bucks so I don't hold any stock in this being a rare first Frankie.
    And so I guess they did fake the brown and white Kooba lining.
  2. Here's a real Frankie...

  3. Yeah, the handles are the same, aren't they?

    But there's like 3 compartments on the linked bag...and the older lining really threw me off. I emailed the seller asking what that tag said in the way of style name...so maybe he can shed some more light on the style it's trying to emulate?
    The zipper pull looks fake, and the fact that they add the pics of celebs carrying a Sienna doesn't help sell the bag to anyone, imo.

    Weird, I tell you! :confused1:
  4. The Frankie does have 3 compartments. Two larger side ones and one in the middle of the bag at the bottom when you pull open the side compartments. They got that part right on the bag. But the top zippers don't even look finished and they hang out the side of the bag. The bag just looks totally mishappen. Frankie's are cool little bags (well not little at all really). The compartments make it so different than most Koobas.
  5. The tag seems to say that its a 'victoria' or something similar....but its hard to make out. I quite like the design of it actually.
  6. That is as fake as the boobs on Pamela Anderson. I have a feeling she, too, has a secret compartment between hers, zipper and all.

    That bag is something else. You know what though, the leather looks pretty darn good for a fakeroonie.
  7. You've got good eyes, Halzer!
    I kinda like it too, and I'd like to see it up close & personal to get a feel for that leather.

    Here's the Victoria:

  8. It does have quite nice leather for a fake. Now the Victoria looks nice but what he is selling is a part Sienna, part Frankie, part Victoria.
  9. LOL, too weird.

    But there's a bidder, by golly!
  10. Is there any possibility that could be a prototype sample and it is an authentic Kooba?
  11. I think this is an unknown, LSR-there's been a lot of interesting bags cropping up on eBay with the brown signature lining, and some that are in the know aren't convinced the older styles were ever faked.

    One of our TPF members bought a Sienna with the lining, there was some question on the leather and tag, I think-but I think she was happy with the quality. There's also an Emma up now that's similar to the Victoria above, with the same sig. lining.

    It would be cool if we could send a link of these auctions over to Kooba & have them tell us their expert opinion!

    I do own a Natalia prototype, btw, bought at a sample sale, very real, but a color you've never seen before. I think it's very possible there are some unknowns out there.
  12. The more I look at this bag, the more curious I get. The quality seems to be there, and the leather looks pretty good to me. Maybe LSR is right and it's a prototype or something.
    The thing that bothers me the most about it is, if you look behind the kooba/price tag, it looks like one of those 'genuine leather' hang tags. I have never, ever seen one of those on a kooba, correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. I know...like a luggage tag. And the braided tassle hanging off the 0 ring. What bothers me most and what would either be an appalling oversite on Kooba quality is the unfinshed zipper hanging out the one side of the bag.
    Could be one of Koobas unperfected bags. The one stumper is that the leather looks nice. Other than that I'd say fake. One one hand the inside zipper pulls look chintzy BUT they actual zipper is metel which would be unlikely for an early Kooba of this time period. A True mystery.
  14. Did anyone else notice the braids on the sides have overhang, instead of being knotted & finished, there's pieces of leather protruding on the ends? That's the one thing that I've seen on fakes, but the Sienna I had was finished.