What impact has PF had on you?

  1. What specific things have you done largely as a result of what you have read here on PF?

    Since February I have

    --bought some green tea recomended by GREENTEA
    --bought Nars Orgasm lipgloss
    --started drinking more water
    --ordered sunglasses with Transitional lenses (was gonna do this but the information from PFers convinced me)
    --stopped giving my dogs Greenies when I saw how Ellie gulped it.
    --forwarded videos and cute things like the Desktop Blues to my son -- I love being able to send him cheery fun things! THANKS ALL!
    --put out food for the food drive today (but was informed ours won't happen til June)
    --purchased Shining Monkey AND Apple Leather Care
    --purchased an LV Speedy 25, a Botkier Trigger, and a Kooba Sienna
    --spent a whole lot of time on the PF, and avoided painting almost entirely for two months!

    And that's just off the top of my head!

    What have you done because of the PF?
  2. :love: - The PF has taught me how to avoid buying fakes

    - Given me a place where other people understand how much
    and why I love handbags :smile:

    - Helped me find some of my favorite bags, and a keychain
    that were purchased from other wonderful members of the
    community here:love: I love this place, the stories, the bags, and
    the people.
  3. Bought a Tano Gerald and a Hayden Harnett Hobo. Returned makeup that I never was going to use. Started caring a bit more about skin care. Had a fun place to come and waste some study time. Gotten to read about a lot of great bags. Enjoyed "virtually" hanging out with some of the kindest bag ladies out there. Thank you.
  4. Its helped me to realise I am not the only shallow obsessed fashion freak around :biggrin:
    Seriously, I spend far too long thinking and dreaming about shoes and bags, and its great to channel our addiction into a site where everybody is so passionate too. It makes me feel more normal ;)
    I love the fact also that general discussion has so many varied topics, sometimes I can lose an entire morning just reading some great posts.

    I love it here :smile:
  5. PF gave me enough info. to get a refund on a fake Chanel cambon that I bought from Sophisticated Spirits and reiteratted my thoughts that a boutique is the best place to buy. It also encouraged me to give LV a chance and have since bought a LV messenger bag and pumps.
  6. I've read less and bought more handbags. Is this good? Probably not. But, I've had some personal difficulties the last few months (which I don't want to talk about) and the diversion has helped me to not focus on the difficult stuff because I have a tendency to obsess. So, PF has become sort of the transitional object for the other stuff--and that's better IMO.
  7. I have found a place where I can find if things are real or fake, which is priceless. I have also become obsessed with Balenciaga and just bought a grey city from a PF member. I love it here!
  8. i :heart: the PF...
    the PF so far has taught me many things...
    1. that balenciaga is WONDERFUL! and ONE just isnt enough! :lol:
    2. Chanel is timeless
    3. LV is timeless
    4. Buying fakes or inspired bags are just not the IT thing... save up those pennies and get the real thing - because you deserve it!
    5. Some PF members might not know it, but i look up to them! :amuse:

    ;) i love you all!

  9. - The Purse Forum has gotten me addicted to posting. I'm in a gorgeous hotel in Chicago right now and I'm posting :huh:

    - Made me shop more (Which I guess is a bad thing :graucho:)

    - Gotten me more into Chanel when I see how well they work for casual pieces on the PFladies

    - Learned more about diet and weightloss (which I am ignoring traveling this week :shame:smile:
  10. The PF forum is the first forum which i have ever been a part of and actually participated in and it has definitely helped
    -in avoiding fakes specially on ebay
    -forwarding funny videos
    -stickin to my diet
    -and lastly but not least shopping more which is a plus specially when i catch something off of deals and steals
  11. Oh, I just love this place! So, since I joined the PF, I:

    -learned how to spot fakes (well, just MC LV for now!)

    -learned about Vachetta (had no clue what it was before!)

    -bought my first Chanel

    -discovered Balenciaga, Fendi, Hermes, and other great designers!...I didn't know much about them before I joined this forum

    -realized that one designer bag won't cut it no matter how much you keep telling that to yourself

    -stopped caring what people think about my bags (jealous people always criticize!)

    -realized that I am not the only one obsessed with bags!

    -bought Bare Escentuals make-up, which I am obsessed with!!!! I can't believe I finally found THE perfect make-up!!!

    I'm sure there are a lot more!!!! In other words, I had a complete fashion transformation! I learned so much about different brands and designers, got a chance to talk with so many wonderful people, and, of course, bought more bags!!!! Thanks everyone! I truly love it here! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. 2 things:

    1) bought more stuff

    2) online at the PF a LOT
  13. honestly, tPF and the girls on it (a few in particular) mean a lot to me. y'all have done a million things for me, from making me a chloe and balenciaga expert to supporting me when i was waivering on the edge with my now-ex boyfriend. since started posting on here last year, i've started taking a lot better care of myself, physically AND emotionally, and although y'all aren't completely responsible for that, having such unwaivering support certainly helps a lot.
  14. I love PF - I am on here at least 3x a day - good thing nobody at work can see my monitor or I would get into so much trouble!

    - Learned so much about spotting fake LVs
    - Learned about SO in LVs (just ordered a Damier Cabas Piano!)
    - I am beginning to like Chanel again; I have a couple of flap bags from the 90s but now that they've come out with the silver hardware, I'm hooked! I also love the Cambon line.
    - Purchased SM spray
    - Everyone is so nice and friendly here, I am a great admirer of people's amazing collections :biggrin:
  15. This is a great place to connect with other handbag lovers about everything, not just bags!
    I purchased my first Chloe from reading about it here
    I purchased the Nars Orgasm lip gloss as well
    and the Oliver Peoples Athena sunglasses.
    I enjoy reading about other people's purchases and experiences....I love this place.