What image hosting site do you use??

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  1. Do you use a specific image hosting site?? Which one do you use?? And what are the benefits??
    Me, I have just joined an image hosting site where I have

    Multiple Ids are not allowed. Especially to promote your own businesses.
  2. Photobucket
  3. I
  4. photobucket, imageshack or imagevenue.
  5. photobucket for uploading pictures to tPF and webshots for my photos that I send to family & friends
  6. I use Photobucket. I have never used Webshots, but my opinion is that it loads irritatingly slow when viewing albums that are stored there. Does anyone else notice this? I think it's mostly the initial loading of the fancy album-like interface that slows it down. It does make sense to use it for family photo albums, but I don't like it for displaying photos on PurseForum or eBay.

    I believe Photobucket may have a bit more of a learning curve to figure out how to use it (e.g., how to embed BBcode in discussion boards or HTML in eBay listings to display your photos), but it is a powerful tool once you figure that out.
  7. Queenty & Pretty 21 Muliple Ids are not permitted.
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