What image does LV send VS Coach?

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  1. Hi all, I thought this might be a fun thread to start.

    I own several Coach handbags and today was my first LV purchase. I love it (BH). And was just wondering what differences in image do you ladies think the LV sends off versus a signature coach or one of their handbags?

    Do you think the LV is more formal because I"m a sahm and looking for a more casual look on most days.....
  2. i think for most europeans coach is not seen as a luxury brand because we dont know much about it.

    LV has a better reputation and is one of the more elite luxury brands IMO.
  3. Coach is not a luxury brand.
  4. well i was thinking thht but didnt want to offend anyone. i always thought they looked cheap, like they were trying but failing to be a luxury brand, same with guess bags.
  5. hmm, I don't consider Coach a luxury brand. I personally don't like it at all, so I won't be the one to judge.
  6. Actually, I like Coach bags, but I don't own one. They are well-made and seem very durable. They are nice, designer handbags, but not premier designer luxury, like Louis Vuitton.
  7. I would say Coach is affordable luxury. They still make expensive handbags that a lot of people cannot afford or who think is pricey to spend on a handbag. LV uses a lot of the same mass market appeal with their logo bags as does Coach. But LV I think has better quality and of course they are more expensive than Coach. To me, Coach says you like luxury but don't feel the need or can't afford to buy LV.
  8. Here in USA you see a lot of people with COACH because it is cheaper than LV and also there's a lot of Coach replicas (around $25) out here that looks like the real thing. Not like Louis Vuitton because LV replicas (the cheap ones) are horrible. I personally don't like Coach, maybe if I was a teenager... I'm a fan of Louis Vuitton and Mulberry bags. ;)
  9. I think the logo Coach bags are very young looking. However, that could be because I see them mostly on very young women and girls.
    For what it's worth, I have a Coach charm dangling off my LV bag.
  10. I think coach was a lot better made when it was US made only. My mother has an old coach bag from when they were just made here and its made nothing like their bags now. Their mens bags are iffy at best and their wallets just seem cheap to me. I am not saying that justifies spending 600 dollars on an LV wallet but at least it doesnt feel flimsy. I actually like some of the coach designs for women, but they dont use the same flair when designing for men or the different fabrics or colors. They are really as Glamazon says mass market but then so is LV and for the money I would much rather spend more and get something that is of higher quality. Your still spending ALOT of money on something regaurdless if its Coach or LV so alway buy what you like.
  11. To me, Coach is just one of the many brands to choose from. I'm not super brand loyal, and I try to choose handbags based on based on comfort, functionality, craftmanship and style.

    I have several different brands of bags, Coach being one of them. While Coach may not be a luxury brand, I've found many of their products to be very durable and functional. What I don't like is that some of their styles tend to look dated after a year or two, whereas, imo, most LV styles are ALWAYS in fashion. You made an excellent choice buying a BH, that is almost certain to be my next LV purchase :tup:
  12. I agree Coach is affordable luxury. I have nothing against Coach, I think it is great for those who don't want to spend $500+ on a hand bag. I think Coach provides a good alternative for hangbag lovers. I have bought a few Coach items for my little sister. But Coach just doesn't really appeal to me, I rather save up to get a LV. Also, cause Coach is so affordable that it is seen everywhere. Many of my peers use Coach totes as school bags.
  13. Coach is definitely not a luxury brand. There's too many running around, and where I live it's like a dime a dozen and there's a big difference with the type of people that carry coach vs. LV.
    I didn't mind coach when they were still made here in the U.S. The "glove tanned leather" was thick and very durable. Now they are made in China and the quality imo (only my opinion, don't throw things at me:lecture:) are inferior. That's why a lot of them end up in their outlet stores.
  14. I think Coach bags are nice but they dont pack the same "wow" factor as LV bags
  15. i dunno... before i found tPF & succumbed to worshiping at the altar of LV, I thought Coach was a definitly a LUXURY item. I couldn't picture spending anything more than what I might spend at Guess on purse. Coach was "expensive" and that equaled luxury in my mind. Definitely designer.

    Coach is carried by business women & lux aspriring teens alike where i live, and if you carry LV it's very Super Sweet Sixteen & people will either admire you or riducule you...

    Now, i have a coach wristlet that was a gift that i use and don't worry about, but i probably won't go and by one on my own.. it's $$ i could use toward new LV!
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