What I'm doing instead of essay writing

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  1. I've been going around, finding mistakes in people's auctions and correcting them via the Ask Seller A Question form. :shame: I really should be starting on a 10 page essay due Tuesday but noooooo, I keep browsing auctions and editing them. Lol..

    Anyone else use eBay as their tool of procrastination? :P
  2. Yes, its called avoidance behavior!!LOL!!!
  3. oh yes...and tpf is good for not working on school, too!
    in the next two weeks, i have about 60 pages of writing due...and i have 3 pages written.
  4. I'm guilty of this also. I need to start reading for my next exam and have a paper due in 2 weeks that I haven't started. I should be focusing on school instead but I keep finding myself here and on eBay.
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