What if......

  1. What if I don't looovveee the Dentelle Speedy IRL? I have other bags I have my eye on. Which do you think I should get, just in case....

    Mini Lin Speedy
    Manhattan PM
    Manhattan GM
    Epi Passy
    Damier Speedy (I love this bag BTW; however, it looks too similar to my Duomo)

    What do you guys think???
  2. just in case, id get the mini lin speedy!
  3. hum, i would just wait to see the Dentelle IRL before purchase, or you can try to puchase what ever you are eyeing before feb 1, and perhaps wait til Dentelle to come out and see? But that only apply if you get to see Dentelle IRL before the return period exipre-2weeks?
  4. Manhattan GM AND PM!!!
  5. I am on the waitlist for the Dentelle Speedy and my PS is going to charge my card on 2/20 when it arrives to guarantee I receive one as I got on the list, two weeks ago. She and the manager indicated that it wouldn't be a problem if I choose to return it since it was 'sight unseen.' I am not certain if all boutiques have one on display already, I have not been back since my damage two weeks ago...
  6. manhattan.
  7. Epi Passy or Manhattan GM.

    Trust me, you will LOVE the Dentelle Speedy in person... the leather is just... divine.
  8. Wait until you view the dentelle before you decide;)
  9. Ooo Mini Lin Speedyyyy!
  10. Oh Thank you! Now I'm reeaallly looking forward to it!
  11. Epi Passy or Damier Speedy