What If...

  1. You walked into Costco or Sam's and saw Birkins and Kellys for sale? How would you feel? Would it affect your feelings about the brand?

    This came to my mind because it was been brought up in the LV forum that some Costco stores have had LV bags for sale. Many tpf members were distressed and saddened by this, saying it cheapened the brand. So I wondered what would happen if the same thing happened to Hermes.

    Any thought?
  2. Does that mean that they would be discounted lots?
  3. lol

    Some of the LV bags mentioned were discounted a little bit, but not by much. So yes, there would be a slight discount.
  4. From what I understand Costco discounts high-end products only by about 10%.

    If I saw a genunine birkin or kelly in Costco that I liked I would snap it up in no time flat and be glad about it!!
  5. I am an imbecile when it comes to being able to spot fakes, so I would only buy an H bag from an H store or trusted reseller.
  6. nathansgirl, is Sam's like Sam's Club? What is Costco? are they like discount stores? like a walmart?
  7. Sam's is Sam's Club and Costco is almost exactly the same, Susi. Big warehouse stores where you can buy that giant pack of toilet paper that'll last you a year or the bottomless pit jars of licorice. That kind of thing.

    I think once I bought the jumbo family sack of kleenex and I swear it lasted for a whole year!!!!
  8. ...so I guess they would only sell 100cm Birkins....
  9. yep. the BIG size.
  10. lol at 100cm birkins

    Rose, I am somewhat in the same boat. So I would rather stick to a reputable seller...mainly the actual boutique.
  11. :yes: This question seems to come up in some form or another every so often... I think my answer today would be 'yes' if I could still be assured that it could be repaired & refurbished by the craftspeople for years to come... I care less about the exclusivity and much more about the quality and the commitment.
  12. i dunno, good question. if the price was relatively close to hermes it wouldn't be worth it for me. in fact, if the price was a lot lower i'd question the authenticity! i guess if i bought from sam's i'd always worry about authenticity, so i guess i wouldn't. i'd feel much better getting it from the store!
  13. dit-to!
  14. nah...half the fun for me is the whole Hermes boutique experience....I love working with my SA and manager.....it would spoil it for me! Also, basically, I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to matters-hermes.
  15. ...in convenient 3 paks: black, rouge H, and gold.....