what if...

  1. If one of the family members got suspended, does it mean that everyone in the family will be suspended by eBay since they all live at the same house? what if one of the members of the family who live at the same place and share the same computer wanted to open an account with eBay? is that not allowed? just curious.. =)
  2. Pretty sure no-one can use eBay till that suspension is over.

    They track any new accounts (and close them) through your IP address.
  3. yup, everyone in the household should be suspended. they don't want you to sell off of their accouints either. You really should just wait it out instead of trying to get around the system..IMHO
  4. They might not actually suspend the others , unless they are being used , would suggest that everybody keeps off ebay until its sorted .
  5. what do you mean wait it out? im just wondering lets say in one company, a lot of ebayers there and one is suspended. do they suspend everybody bec. of one IP address even it wasnt their mistake?

  6. when can you say that suspension is over?

  7. My guess is it has more to do with cookies than with IP. Cookies are like computer memory of where it's been on the internet. any internet site can look at your cookies and know what you have looked at.

    A warning to EVERYONE. If you are checking your ebay from a public computer, CLEAR COOKIES FIRST! If you are at the library and someone had been on there and sometime got suspended, your account could be linked to a TOTAL STRANGER!

    ALWAYS ALWAYS clear cookies. Computers are great, but they are also scary. They track where you have been to create a profile of you. How do you think you get all that spam in your email?

    If you want total internet security against people hijacking any account (paypal, ebay, bank accounts). I would STRONGLY recommend also using a proxy that hides your IP. If you look up your IP, you will see a map, pointing directly at your house.

    Very very spooky!
  8. ^^^how do you clear your cookies? And use an IP proxy?
  9. It depends on the browser you are using. For firefox (the safest out there, highly recommended), go to preferences under the firefox tab and go to privacy. Under privacy, you can click on settings and check it to have your cookies cleared everytime you close your browser.

    Proxies can be found all over the internet. just surf "anonymous proxy" and you should find a bunch. Some are free, some are paid, some only work with pc, some with mac...
  10. Agreed!
  11. Aren't the free proxies super slow?
  12. The IP address is for one computer not one network. If one ebayer got suspended in a company the others may only have a problem if they used the same computer. I'm guessing anyway.
  13. Bagaholic, have you STILL not gotten to the bottom of your account suspension issue??!
    Do not try to use an ebay account belonging to someone else in your house. I have seen multiple cases where eBay realized it, and suspended that account as well--thereby permanently suspending ALL eBay accounts held by those people.
    You are much better off figuring out what you did to get suspended in the first place, fixing it, and regaining the use of your original account. If you need help, please feel free to PM me.
  14. It depends on where you work. Some places have their own servers with 1 IP
  15. Some are slower than others. Supposedly AOL automatically sends everyone through a proxy. Some servers will reset your IP every once in a while for safety.

    Let's just hope (;))all those people selling FAKES are using proxies for their own good