what if...

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  1. As I'm looking at pix of what's inside everyone's LV bag, this question came to mind...have you ever thought of what would happen if you're held at gunpoint to give up your bag (including what's in there, wallet, agenda, cles, accessories, mini pochette etc)?:wtf:

    some bad guy recently snatched my friend's bag while she was in the parkling lot of her own house...luckily she only had an LV wallet in that bag...:crybaby:

    It scares me when I go out with an LV bag filled with smaller LV bags and accessories...if it's snatched I'd lose thousands of dollars....so instead of walking around being proud of my bag, I always walk around fearing it would get snatched....

    anyone else ever get this same feeling? :confused1:
  2. One of our PF members broke an arm when some guy tried to snatch her B-bag.. hopefully I'll be able to do the same.. :graucho:
  3. LOL! she broke HIS arm? i hope i can too!:nuts:
  4. THAT would so be me! and then I'd fall on all the d*** ice and snow we still have!
  5. :idea:... hrm, that reminds me to get that stun gun...
  6. huh.. if he had a gun i'd let him take it. but if he didn't.. i'd put up one hell of a fight. kick 'em where it hurts!
  7. LMAO! :roflmfao:
  8. ^ Haha, for real! No one messes with my bags! :cursing:
  9. i am afraid of attracting some theives if/when i carry any logo bags. i actually only carry nice bags when i'm going out with my hubby, never alone here.

    i think that's why i only carry my precious bag when i'm back at my home country. i feel safer somehow

    (i'm residing in china, home country singapore)
  10. Yea, sometimes I feel weary carrying my nice bags when I am in a not so nice neighborhood. But maybe If I have a really heavy bag with lots of stuff in it, I can just boink them over the head and knock them out!
  11. I sometimes worry about this, too. I DO carry pepper spray with me at all times, though, in case of an emergency like that!
  12. Hmm, I don't worry about it too much. I worry more about my kids since they're always with me. I'm more protective of them than I am of my bag. I can always buy another bag, I can never replace my kids or myself. I make an effort to park as close to an entrance as possible. I never shop where it's not busy or when it's dark with them. And I do carry pepper spray! But if anyone touches my kids, I'd wack em with my bag and every accessory in it! That's fo damn sho!
  13. ^^^^^ Ditto Kuuipo627
  14. Yeah, I think about this sometimes. When I know I'm in a not-so-good area, I just use a bag I got at an accessories shop. I don't want to risk it even if I am being a little paranoid.

  15. My husband always says he fears anyone that would even attempt to snatch my bag. I would fight him/her tooth and nail! I do sometimes worry when I put my bag down somewhere...the bag is expensive and so are the accessories in it. I don't worry about the money in the wallet because it's never that much!