What if your dream bag doesn't suit you?

  1. As many of you know my dream, be all end all bag is a Kelly. I am a huge Kelly fan and have wanted one well, forever. A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to try a few on in SF and while the bags themselves were gorgeous and perfect, on me...they just didn't look right. :wtf:
    I'm afraid I am too casual/tomboyish for such an elegant, ladylike bag? Is it because I haven't seen one IRL in Togo for so long...maybe that would be a better match for me? (I'm hoping!) I'm in kind of a panic because my one big dream in life has been to get a Kelly and now I feel adrift. :crybaby:

    Has anyone else ever felt this way about their dream bag?
  2. Hmmm, never thought of it quite like this. Did you try on very formal Kellys? I think there is a Kelly for everyone. I know you love the 28cm, but maybe try a slouchly 32cm in Togo or Clemence?
    I'm sure it would be beautiful on you, Crochet!
  3. I agree with GT, there is a Kelly for everyone. You just have to figure out the right color/size/leather combination for you. I am not a real formal dresser (mostly jeans and sweaters or t-shirts) and my 32 Togo Kelly looks good on me (even if I do say so myself). You may have to look at a few before you find the right one for you but I am sure you will find one that will work for you.
  4. Thanks GT, I tried a 32 potiron chevre and a potamos and a 28 (swift?) noisette. *sigh* all were lovely but not "me", not like my slouchy Evelyne is "me". Eeek I'm a "slouchy" person. :lol: I'm thinking that the Togo/Clemence might be the key?

    Thanks Diana! Everyone on the forum who has a Kelly looks lovely with it so that's why it was disconcerting...I looked like I was holding someone far more elegant's bag for them. :lol:
  5. ^ Okay, gotcha. Yup, try on a Togo if you can. Now I can't remember the color you're after. Not sure about potiron? Maybe gold?
  6. I'm thinking gold, brown or potiron. :yes:

  7. i think gold lends it's self to a certain elegance, actually.
    for casual i would go with blue jean or a red (not rouge h though), or orange or potiron.
    i don't know if there is a kelly out there for everyone - style-wise, yes, but comfort-wise, no. like my mom would look terrific with a kelly, as far as taking a pic of her goes, but in terms of life with the bag, it wouldn't suit her at all.
    crochet, your committment to this bag warants a much further exploration of your options, various sizes and colors/leathers before you give up (don't do that).
  8. maybe the souple vs. rigid style is also something -- my rigid kellys look more formal I feel than the souples.....you just might find you could love a plume or bolide though!!! I really love those 2 styles myself!! And I love the 2 handles vs. 1 handle...a few minor differences can make the bag so nice. Is it possible you have loved the "idea" of a kelly?? Perhaps if you found another style to suit you for a daily use, and then down the road you could acquire the kelly for more dressy occasions?? Just a thought!
  9. That's true hiheels, a fun color would make it more casual...I would love Blue Jean but do you all think it's too much to have both of my H bags the same color? Hmm I'd love to see a Potiron in Togo too...

    And thanks hiheels, you are right, I shouldn't give up. :flowers: :flowers:
  10. Crochetbella, don't be discouraged. There is definitely a Kelly for everyone. Try to look for colors that are more daring and informal, and go for Kelly that is souple and 32cm or bigger. They tend to give off a more casual feel. And sometimes, whether a Kelly feel casual or formal is also dependent on your mood and state of mind. I'm certain you'll find one that looks perfect on you. When all fails, just go with the color and style you like REGARDLESS of how you think it may make you look. Make the bag work WITH YOU, not the other way around. Show her who's the boss!:flowers:
  11. Thanks shoes! I love the Plume too, and the Bolide. I'm thinking if I didn't get a Kelly, then a Plume would be my next choice. :flowers:

    Thanks Kou! :flowers: :flowers:
  12. You know, the Bolide comes with the clochette and lock like the Kelly does. Maybe try one of those the next time you go. Also, there is nothing wrong with all of your bags being the same color. If you like Blue Jean and want another bag in that color go ahead and get it. Nobody thinks it is silly to have several black bags.
  13. We just need to get you close to a Potiron Togo 28 with Gold HW. My guess is that you'd never put it down long enough for them to wrap it!
  14. I have a 32 cm togo kelly (black with gold). It's not the least bit 'formal' looking and looks hot with jeans. I can, however, dress it up too. I know how you feel though. It was always my dream to get a bj Kelly 28cm and I was bursting with excitement when I went to pick it up (as some of you may remember). When i tried it on, it just was not for me although it was TDF and I got the 32 cm black togo instead. There is a Kelly for everone!!
  15. I think you just need to keep trying many Kellys in all different combinations. If you are meant to be joined with a Kelly, it will find you. If it doesn't, maybe your dream bag is not the perfect fit for you. It can happen, but don't give up so fast!